Caitlyn York


Who is Caitlyn York?

Caitlyn York is the graphic designer here at Techno Goober. She makes things look pretty. If you want an example of her stunning work, keep clicking through, she designed it.

Why did she become a Goober?

She followed a Facebook ad for a graphic design position & successfully became a Goober. She feels lucky to be able to incorporate creativity into everything she does for Techno Goober.

What’s the most surprising thing about the job?

Caitlyn says that the most surprising thing about working for Techno Goober is how fast the work week goes by.
Time flies when you’re having fun!

What’s her favorite memory at Techno Goober?

Caitlyn’s favorite memory at Techno Goober is the months she spent designing the Techno Goober website.
She enjoys learning the ins and outs of web development as a graphic designer.

What is one word she’d use to describe the Goobers?


Does she have any hidden talents?

Caitlyn can eat a lot of ice cream. There is always room for ice cream. 

What annoying trend does Caitlyn secretly hope makes a comeback?