Glenn Hiller

Goober Glenn posing with green glasses

Who is Glenn Hiller?

Glenn’s official role at Techno Goober is Social Media and SEO Specialist. However he’s also the company copywriter, photographer, videographer, video editor, junior graphic designer,  junior web developer… and pretty much just whatever other title people decide to give him for the day. So it’s a good thing he doesn’t have a desk plaque, because it’s doubtful he’d ever be able to find a desk big enough to hold it. 

Why did he become a Goober?

Glenn joined the team of Goofy Goobers because he liked the idea of working for a company that supports local businesses, and he wanted the opportunity to expand on his skills in the marketing department. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, what does Glenn rate himself?

Glenn gives himself a solid 5. He’s pretty neutral when it comes to most things, and besides, he likes the number 5.

What’s his favorite memory at Techno Goober?

His favorite memory at Techno Goober is making a video for Valentine’s Day one year and seeing Nate in a dress and a wig— the receptionist didn’t even recognize him and thought he was a customer. 

Does he have any hidden talents?

Glenn has the superpowers of ADHD! He can remember some random obscure fact with extreme clarity, but completely forgets why he walked into a room in the first place, or where he left his dang car keys. He also has an unlimited supply of energy and can eat literally anything he wants without gaining a single pound. 

What annoying trend does Glenn secretly hope makes a comeback?

Glenn secretly wants to paint on the guy-liner, throw on some band tees, and relive the Emo / Scene days.