Nate Bradshaw


Who is Nate Bradshaw?

Nate is responsible for Customer Service, Post Launch tasks, and Client Trainings. He also helps out wherever he can with Content Implementation, Client Communication, and SEO and content writing, among many other things.  

Why did he become a Goober?

Nate joined the Goober team about a month after the company was created. He was fresh out of college with an Associates Degree and thought Techno Goober would be a great opportunity to get his career started. 

What’s the most surprising thing about the job?

How he’s survived for this long. 

What’s his favorite memory at Techno Goober?

Nate’s favorite memory has to be back when Techno Goober had the opportunity to build the 16 Mile Brewery website (several times over, actually) and became good friends with the group of employees who worked there. During an event being held by 16 Mile Brewery, Chad and Nate decided to combine their love of drinking with their love of playing corn hole. A “few” beers into the game, Chad stood up on one of the corn hole boards and called himself King Corn-hole, mockingly yelling insults at Nate for losing the game. Eventually, Chad took a wrong step on the board and broke the legs off of it in his fall. Nate and Chad, of course, quickly fled the scene once this happened and pointed blame on “some idiot” they had seen from afar… 

Does he have any hidden talents?

Nate has the astounding ability to make anything he attempts to do more complicated than it actually is. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, what is he?


What annoying trend does Nate secretly hope makes a comeback?

Time travel movies.