Patty Hall


Who is Patty Hall?

Patty is the office assistant here at Techno Goober. When you call for a goober, odds are she’s the one you’ll be talking to first. 

Why did she become a Goober?

She joined the Goober team because of the great and welcoming atmosphere of the office. 

What’s the most surprising thing about the job?

Patty says that one of the most surprising things about working here is the boss. She’s never worked for a company or an employer who cares so much for all their employees. 

What’s her favorite memory at Techno Goober?

Her favorite memory at Techno Goober is definitely her first Boat Day. 

What is one word she’d use to describe the Goobers?


Does she have any hidden talents?

Speaking of creativity, Patty is a bit of an artist, and enjoys drawing. 

What annoying trend does Patty secretly hope makes a comeback?

Patty would be happy to join in the 80’s fashion with a snazzy pair of leg warmers.