Digital Marketing doesn’t have to be Hard

Once upon a time, Techno Goober didn’t have the greatest marketing strategy. Living in a small town in a small state, we relied on word of mouth and neighborly love to gain clients. That’s not always enough though.

Eventually, we realized word-of-mouth marketing wasn’t sustainable. Business was slow, and we knew if we didn’t do something fast, we would start to struggle. As a web design company, we needed to up our digital marketing game. That’s when Techno Goober went through a sort of Marketing Renaissance.

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4 easy ways to boost your marketing


When Techno Goober opened their doors, we did what everyone does, we got a Facebook page. We started small like most people. We posted daily for a while, but then things slowed down. At first, we had a few new likes each week, but we didn’t have nearly the following the larger pages had.

What were we doing wrong?

Nothing, really. What we needed was to put time, effort, and love into our Facebook page. We needed to interact with our fans by posting daily, responding to comments and liking or sharing other posts.

More than just posting daily, we needed to focus on what we were posting. We started creating custom-designed graphics. Photos and videos are well-liked on Facebook. By creating our own graphics, we increase the likelihood that our fans will like, share, or interact with our posts. If creating your own graphics aren’t a possibility, posting your own photos or videos is just as good. Your fans will enjoy seeing you and your company’s day-to-day life through photos and videos. For more information on using social media to promote your business, read about our preferred free social media tools

Mail Chimp

Next, we started cultivating an email list. What’s easier than an email? Well, probably a lot of things. We encouraged our clients to join our email list with the promise that we would share insightful and interesting content regularly.

We’ve been through ups and downs, but our email list is generally used for sharing specials and deals with our current clients. That’s because email marketing for small businesses is generally a way to stay up to date with existing clients. Generating new clients through email is harder for small businesses than large businesses, so don’t be dismayed if email marketing is not profitable for your small business.

Twitter & Instagram

Twitter and Instagram are often forgotten by small businesses. That’s ok though. Techno Goober has a Twitter and an Instagram, but until recently both accounts were severely neglected.

Primarily, our Twitter account is used to share marketing tips and funny happenings around the office. We prefer to leave that account for more playful use rather than official communication like our Facebook account.

Instagram is used for sharing funny office photos and other photos from our gang. Even we rarely use our Instagram, but again, that’s ok. Instagram and Twitter are important social media platforms to stay in contact with clients, but it can be difficult to break into the larger market without dedicating some serious time to them.

Online Advertising

 Eventually, Techno Goober started to rely heavily on online advertising. We regularly advertise with Facebook advertisements using our own custom graphics, and advertising in other email lists such as local Chambers of Commerce.

Before starting Online Advertising efforts, Techno Goober had to do a lot of research to find out where our potential new clients were too. See the key to advertisements, online and in print, is identifying your audience and where they are. In our case, by including advertisements in Chambers of Commerce emails, we extend our reach to other local business owners, which is our primary clientele.

If your clients are primarily parents of school-age children, you might consider advertising near schools or on parenting websites. However, if your clients are primarily older adults, you should probably consider email advertisements or Facebook ads targeting retired individuals.

Don’t struggle alone. If you need help developing your digital marketing strategy or identifying your audience and where to find them, call Techno Goober. We’ve been where you are, and we want to help. We can help with logo creation and branding your business to make your online advertising efforts easier. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you kick-start your digital marketing campaign. 

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