Our Love Affair with Yext

In honor of our 1-Year Anniversary with Yext, here’s a post about how much we love them. As of February 1st, our company has had a service agreement with Yext for a full year. It has changed the way we run our business and the way we pitch new services to clients. Most importantly, it’s been an incredible asset to our clients.

This isn’t Paid Advertising I promise.

Ok, I got a little carried away there, but Yext truly has been an amazing service addition to Techno Goober. They offer a variety of services that fit right in with our robust web management offerings. Our clients (and our own web presence) have benefited greatly from our relationship with Yext.

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Here’s how Yext has changed our business:

Listing Manager

Yext operates based on subscriptions. The three subscription levels provide subscribers with varying access to resources. The Starter subscription starts allowing users to access the Knowledge Manager, which is the ability to manage a location’s online listings.

This Knowledge Manager is the primary service that Yext provides for clients. With an easy to use, interface, users input basic information about their company such as precise location, contact information, and hours before moving into more complicated information like inputting menu data and even employee bios.

Manage Hundreds of Listings

Yext automatically manages this information on over 800 online listing sites. Then users correct the incorrect listings. Users can even suppress outdated listings with the click of a button.

This feature has been particularly useful for businesses that have moved locations, changed their phone number, or acquired another business.

Save Time, Save Money

For example, one client of ours purchased a restaurant and changed the name, but the menu was otherwise the same. On our own, it could have taken hours of tedious work to correct online listings with the new restaurant name and contact information.

However, with Yext, it took less than half that time to input the client’s information once and update all of the online listings for that location. We continue to monitor their Yext profile for any listings we might have missed.

Schema Integration

This relatively new process for boosting SEO can be difficult. Yext’s built-in schema integration makes it significantly easier. With a few lines of code and a few dollars each month, our clients enjoy hassle-free Schema code. 

Without Yext, implementing Schema on all of our SEO client sites would be a nightmare. Hand-coding all of the websites was out of the question. All of the plugins we tested didn’t seem to get the job done.

Right when we needed it most, Yext released Knowledge Tags. These easy to use bits of code can be implemented quickly into any site with an existing Yext profile. Yext automatically manages the schema for us using the information we input into the Knowledge Manager already.

Check if your website has Schema. Don’t forget to check our website too to see what an amazing tool Knowledge Tags are. 

Review Monitoring

With Professional and Ultimate subscriptions, clients gain access to Review Monitoring. This allows users to connect their various online accounts to Yext and monitor reviews that clients leave them on any site.

Generating Reviews

However, only Ultimate subscribers have access to a variety of other Review features. Yext provides users with a unique link to generate reviews quickly and easily that automatically sync with their Yext account and their website. This feature has proven to be invaluable for SEO clients. Check out our custom review generation page. Go ahead, leave us a review of how awesome our blog is!

More and more, we are seeing the impact of reviews in Google Search Results. With Yext, our clients can display their reviews directly in Google Search Results and increase their click-throughs as much as ten-fold.

Blocking Bad Reviews

Probably the most sought-after feature of Yext’s Review Monitoring software is their Review Publishing and Response feature. This feature allows users to monitor their account for poor reviews and briefly block those reviews from displaying on their website.

After blocking a poor review, subscribers can respond to the poor review and communicate with the poster about their concerns. Communicating with the negative reviewer is important, not only because it can convince the poster to change or remove their bad review before it displays on your website.

Frequent Updates & Webinar Trainings

Yext is constantly updating their platform. They frequently release new services or improve their existing services. Also, they host a series of webinar trainings for subscribers every time a new service is released or an update rolls out.

These trainings allow us to learn about the new products, practice using the products, and ask questions and receive answers live. The webinar trainings are an incredible resource for both the new and the seasoned Yext user.

Ask us about our Love Affair with Yext

Think your business could benefit from a Yext subscription? Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did you recently start or purchase a business?
  2. Has your business ever moved or changed phone numbers?
  3. Do clients often report that they had trouble finding your location or finding your parking lot?
  4. Are you interested in improving your search engine optimization efforts?
  5. Do you currently monitor all of your online reviews?
  6. Are you a business owner who should be more proactive about any of the above items?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you should give Techno Goober a call to discuss how Yext could improve your business’s online presence. (Let’s be honest, you should all have answered “yes” to #6.) Don’t believe us? Check your business listings online to see how your information is listed on over 800 websites. 

Call Techno Goober today at 302-645-7177 (don’t worry, Yext will update that number for us if it ever changes) or contact us online to get started. Ask one of our knowledgeable staff about how Yext has improved our business. Just don’t tell our wives how much we love it. We’ll do the same for you. 

While you’re here, leave us a review with our custom review generation page provided by Yext! Get one for yourself next!