April Fools!


Looking for a source of infinite wisdom and humor? Look no further than Chad GPT, the ultimate chatbot extraordinaire! Click on the Ask Us button at the bottom right and fire away with your burning questions! Whether you're looking for sage advice or just a good laugh, Chad GPT is always here to help. Don't be shy - ask away and see what this amazing AI can do!

Introducing the latest of Goober AI


We downloaded the mind of our very own, Chad. Ask him whatever you have been wondering.

Example: "Why is the sky blue?"

Disclaimer: Techno Goober is not responsible for the uninhibited personality of CHAD GPT. While the intelligence is solid, we are continuing to work on the programming. It appears that Chad has a very sarcastic side that infected the programming. Please be understanding as we try to work out the kinks. If you are one that easily gets offended, please leave now. You have been warned.