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Home Builder Web Design

Construction and home building is a very lucrative industry. It can also be a very complicated industry especially when it comes to construction, development, or neighborhood websites. When it comes to creating your home builder website in Delaware, you need to work with experienced professionals.

At Techno Goober, we design and develop the best homebuilder websites in Southern Delaware. You can rest assured that your website and your business are in good hands with the Goobers.

Custom Design for Home Builder Websites

Homebuilder sites require very careful design to ensure that the site is easy to navigate and mobile friendly. There is a delicate balance between providing enough information for the user to make an informed decision and overwhelming the user with a wall of text or images.

Our designers enjoy the challenge that a homebuilder site presents. We’ll start by asking you some questions about your current website as well as your services, current projects, portfolio, and questions about your competitors.

Be prepared to answer questions such as:

  • What makes your homes different?
  • What is your home style like?
  • Who are your top competitors?
  • Do you offer custom floor plans or a selection of pre-made floor plans?
  • Are you interested in professional home photography?

Creating the Custom Design

With all of that information, we will begin to create a custom design for your home page. After the home page is approved, we’ll move onto the inside pages.

This includes search pages, product pages, categories, any additional information pages, your “About” page, and the contact page. The inner pages will have a similar style as the home page in terms of colors and fonts. 

Learn more about web design by reading our Beginner’s Guide to Web Design

Displaying Floor Plans Online 

For our WordPress Content Management System clients, we offer custom solutions for displaying your home floor plans. With options such as virtual home tours, photo galleries, and customization options, we will ensure that your homes look their best online. 

The trickiest part is ensuring that your website loads quickly despite the high number of images and information you have on the page. Don’t worry. We will take care of everything for you. 

Custom Development of Home Builder Websites

We know that homebuilding is a custom job. That’s why we aim to create websites that are just as custom as the home you build. When you need something that’s different from everyone else, we can help make that happen.

Custom programming can:

  • Allow users to customize their home right on your website.
  • Generate pricing calculators to help users plan for their new home.
  • Create custom photo galleries for displaying your previous work.

Anything is possible with the Goobers on your side. 

Show up in Search Results for “Home Builders Near Me”

After building your website, we can help with search engine optimization. SEO requires a lot of hard work and dedication to ensuring your pages, images, and website as optimized.

Techno Goober can help make it easier to beat out the competition and find new clients through Google searches. 

SEO with Techno Goober

With a little extra work, your website can become the top search result for homebuilder searches in your area in no time with custom content development from our expert writers.

We can help you determine what keywords you should focus on and develop content to target those keywords. SEO is usually an on-going process, but the results are worth it. Let us know if you’re ready to invest in the best ROI on the web: Search Engine Optimization.  

Advertise Your Delaware Homes

Don’t forget to let everyone know about your brand new website and amazing homes. Enlist Techno Goober to help you with marketing and advertising your business online and in print. Start with our professional logo design and branding services.

Brand Your Business

We will create a brand that stands out from other boring homebuilders. Truly become a household name.

After establishing your brand, we can help you develop a social media following and advertise your business far and wide.

Keep in touch with old clients and meet new ones through the power of social media. 

Get a Goober

Do we have you sold on a brand new website for your Delaware homebuilder business? Call techno Goober to get started 302-645-7177 or contact us online.

We’re looking forward to working with you to build your business’s new home online. 

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