Backup Solutions

[Backup Solutions]

Your data is the most valuable asset to your business or family, and it needs to be protected at all costs. Techno Goober provides solid backup solutions that give you the flexibility to restore from a local backup, and in the worst-case scenarios, restore from the Cloud.

Are you prepared in the event of a disaster with a backup?

Consider this…

You are a company with a central server that everyone in the company depends on having access to at any given time.

All of sudden a power surge occurs. Even though your equipment was connected to a surge protector, the surge caused the fan to malfunction.

The fan was responsible for keeping the unit cool. Without the fan, the whole system overheats, and the drives quit functioning.

Ideally, the Terabyte of data would have been best restored from a local backup, but the surge caused the backup to malfunction too.

You have two options now. Cry and rebuild the system from scratch, or build a time machine.

Goobers to the Rescue!

Thankfully, the Goobers prepare for the worst-case scenarios. In this scenario, we were able to get a new server in place within hours.

Your employees were able to regain access to a web interface to restore their files that they needed to work.

This allows your employees to get back to work while the full backup is restored from the Cloud. 

Backup Options

Our backup solutions cover all businesses from small home offices with a single computer to a large business with several locations and hundreds of employees.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. No matter what your backup computer needs are, we can find a solution to help.

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Techno Goober can offer you peace of mind with a business or residential backup solution. Most backup solutions work in the background without you needing to take any action. Everything else we can do remotely. Learn more about remote support from Techno Goober.

We will set up the backup system, and make sure that it is saving your precious information or memories so you never have to worry about electrical storms or power surges again.  

Contact us today to speak with our Tech Department. Call 302-645-7177. Visit our About page for more information on our Tech Team.

Senior Tech Support Services

Senior Tech Services

Respect your elders! Lend a hand with discounted tech support for seniors.

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