Network Configuration

[Network Configuration]

Network configuration, design, and implementation is the process of configuring your internet services in a secure and seamless process.

That covers everything from running wires, setting up your wired and wireless network, setting up your computers, and connecting your other devices.

What does Network Configuration even mean?

Wireless Set Up

Connectivity used to rely on wiring and your workstation had to be stationary. Now that we live in a wireless world, we provide solutions for your business that allows you to be mobile within your office. 

Techno Goober understands the need to allow guests on your network while protecting your data and communication with your business.

We provide wireless connectivity with walled gardens to help secure your data while giving your customers the benefit of using the internet without wasting their mobile data.

If your slow internet connection is driving you crazy, you might want to consider getting a new wireless network setup. 

Router Setup

If you are building a new office or expanding an existing workplace, Techno Goober can help make sure you are covered when in it comes to your network infrastructure needs.

Starting from your ISP connection to the World Wide Web, we will design your network to be secure and function the way you need it to.

Virtual Private Network

With a router that has VPN capability, you can connect to your business remotely. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) requires a setup on your computer or laptop to allow it to connect to your network through your router.

You will have the same access to everything you need just as if you were physically located in the building while maintaining a higher level of security compared to other solutions.

Firewall Setup and Security

A key component to a solid network design and configuration is a quality firewall to help with threat detection and assist you in maintaining a virus-free environment.

Not all firewalls are built equally, but our experience has allowed us to partner with some of the best in the market. 

If you are not sure if you have a quality firewall in place, one of our Goobers will be able to assist you in evaluating that and making sure you have a quality and secure working environment. 

Ensure your users have a secure Wi-Fi to log into. Using Public Wi-Fi is like swimming in shark-infested waters.

Device Setup

Did you recently purchase a Google Home, Smart Thermostat or Ring Doorbell? Our techs can help with setting up your new devices. We can install them and connect them to your other devices and wireless internet. Call to find out more about our Device Setup services. 

Contact Us

For assistance with network design, implementation and configuration in your new or existing office space, contact us online or call Techno Goober today at 302-645-7177. Just ask for our Tech Department! Meet our tech team.

Senior Tech Support Services

Senior Tech Services

Respect your elders! Lend a hand with discounted tech support for seniors.

Keep an Eye on Things

Who is keeping an eye on things when you’re not around? Get a custom security surveillance system from Techno Goober today and keep an eye on things at home or at work.