Third Party Software

[Third Party Software]

Our Goober Techs are professionals with experience with thousands of third-party software. Their combined experience means they can support whatever third party software you have.

Not sure? Contact us, and we can explain how specialized third-party software support works. We will be your bridge between specialized tech support and the programs you use.

Third Party Software Tech Support

While supporting a multitude of industry-specific software for our clients, Techno Goober can bridge that gap between you and the tech support for your application.

Rather than you spending hours on the phone with tech support, Techno Goober can get the job done faster. Our personal relationship with you will allow us to understand your needs better.

Then we will relay your needs to the software support team wherever they are.

We can speak your language and the language of the technical specialists. Never spend the day on the phone with support again.

We will translate your needs to the technical support specialists to get you back up and running faster.

Quickbooks Support

Quickbooks is a common third party software that many of our clients use. Our experience with Quickbooks allows us to provide personal support onsite without having to wait.

Don’t bother with the hassle of paper records again. Contact Techno Goober tech support to get your Quickbooks up and running faster.

Microsoft Office

Like any good tech, we have extensive experience with Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

We can help you with nearly any problem you might be having over the phone or in person.

We will ensure the right version of Office is downloaded onto your computer, so you don’t have to fuss with complicated downloads or packages ever again.

Did your program crash before you could save? Don’t wait another minute. Call Techno Goober, and we can walk you through recovering your document before it’s too late.

Point of Rental

We can help with Point of Rental software as well. Never worry about your system going down and sitting on the phone with support for hours, we can solve most bug issues quickly.

If we can’t fix it, we’ll sit on the phone for you, while you focus on your business.

Contact Us

Most Third Party Software support can be completed remotely for faster service. Learn more about Remote Support from Techno Goober. For technical support services, call us today at 302-645-7177 and ask for our Tech Department. Feel free to contact us online too.

We provide custom programming services for web applications. If you have a process that doesn’t meet the status quo of your industry software selections, contact us to discuss what we can build for your business.

Senior Tech Support Services

Senior Tech Services

Respect your elders! Lend a hand with discounted tech support for seniors.

Got viruses?

Is your computer slow? Are you worried about viruses or hackers? Get virus protection today with Techno Goober’s help.