Virus Protection

[Virus Protection]

If you don’t have virus protection software on your device, you might as well walk around the wrong parts of the city with a sign that says “rob me.”

Virus Ransomware Protection

There are many different kinds of viruses that can harm your computer or device in any number of ways. The worst viruses that we have ever dealt with are referred to as ransomware.

Ransomware is malicious software developed by low-life programmers with mommy issues.

Once you are infected with ransomware, the software locks your data and prevents you from utilizing your computer or accessing your precious information until the “ransom” is paid, hence the term ransomware.

From small annoying popups to ransomware, Techno Goober can help protect you and your devices from harm.

Techno Goober has had a high success rate in removing various types of this virus and recovering your data.

There are some that encrypt your data and are almost impossible to remove once the damage is done.

Backup Solutions

The only hope, in that case, is for you to have a solid backup solution. If so, once we get your workstation back in working order, we will restore your data, and with any luck, your loss is minimal.

When it comes to protection, there are so many options being marketed. Techno Goober feels the best option is AVG Anti-Virus accompanied by Malware-Bytes.

Both options come with a free version because of these companies rather you have something rather than nothing, but you must be making sure you are manually running scans to ensure you are protected.

The best option is to pay for the full versions and allow the Goobers to install it for you. With the paid version, the software will work for you in the background. A good plan is the best solution for prevention.

Contact Us

Be proactive, contact us to discuss anti-virus protection on all of your devices. Virus protection works in the background of your computer. You won’t have to do anything to keep it working. If your computer ever does need attention, we can take care of it remotely. Learn more about remote support from Techno Goober.

If you are concerned that your device might be infected with a virus, or you may have been a victim of a ransomware attack, call the Goobers today at 302-645-7177 and ask to speak to our Tech Department.

Senior Tech Support Services

Senior Tech Services

Respect your elders! Lend a hand with discounted tech support for seniors.

New phone?

Setting up a new phone or computer can take forever. Don’t risk losing valuable photos. Let Techno Goober help. We can even recommend the best products for you to buy.