Content Development

[Content Development]

So, your site works, and you have a killer design from our graphic design gurus. Everything looks amazing, but something is still missing. It’s time to put some meat on your site’s bones with content development.

There's no getting around it...

Your content can make or break your site. If it’s confusing, you’ll drive prospective customers away. If your site is not organized properly, it can severely damage your site’s search engine rankings. If it lacks a call to action, your business may struggle. Lastly, if it lacks any text at all, you may never show up in Google searches. Fortunately for you, Techno Goober offers complete content development services.

Content Writing is a Team Sport

Our writers are brilliant, but they can’t read minds (all the time.) Writing content will start with an in-depth interview about your business, you, and your current website. When you sit down with our writing experts, together you will carefully plot out the direction of your project’s pages and the text on them.

During the writing process, we will help you with identifying your audience, developing slogans, creating calls to action, and, most importantly, writing the actual text. Then they’ll begin writing page by page. During the process, you will have the chance to edit and contribute to every page as much or as little as you want. We appreciate your help and feedback.

Our Content Development Process

Our process for developing professional content:

  • Consult with you regarding your project’s requirements.
  • Evaluate any existing text and determine how it can be adapted for your project.
  • Craft professional level text for your review.
  • Apply the text to your project using a content management system (which we’ll even train you to use!)
  • Work with you to further develop your online initiatives such as SEO.

If you think your site could use a little love, some new content could make a world of difference. Call or contact us today to begin your website journey. 

If you’re starting from scratch, no worries! Don’t be afraid to challenge us! We get bored over here. Check out our Web Design and Digital Marketing pages before you go.

Crazy Idea?

Get Custom Programming.

Custom programming is the only solution to make your great idea a reality. The bottom line is, we can help you make your website do exactly what you see in your head.