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If your website doesn’t format for mobile web design or tablet devices, you are losing the attention of up to 75% of your traffic.

74% of shoppers make buying decisions based on social media
In the past, you had to have a separate mobile website. This restricted your online audience to see different information on their phone versus a desktop. It also forced web developers to create and manage two websites at 2x the cost. 

 Technology has improved and website development has advanced to where we are today. Now a website automatically adjusts to the resolution of a device. We optimize our websites for viewing on all modern tablets and cell phones. Commonly referred to as a Responsive site, Techno Goober fully understands bootstrap and its capability in developing your mobile website.


Like we always say...

Go Mobile or Go Home

Our team of Goobers will ensure your site will adjust accordingly to different resolutions. As many as 75% of users view websites on their cell phone or tablet. Without a mobile-friendly website or responsive website, you could be losing those potential customers.

Our experience has shown that your tablet and mobile view needs to make sure that the following information is the center of attention:

Easy to Fine Phone Number

It is vital for your website, especially on mobile, that your phone number is front and center. The phone number should also be clickable to connect a user directly to your company when the time comes. Websites without an easy-to-find phone number may suffer from decreased calls and web sales. 

Imagery and Key Marketing Elements

Imagery and key marketing elements should be easily viewable even on smaller resolution devices. Carefully craft your banner images for users to click and find out the most useful information quickly. The benefit of working with a full-service agency like Techno Goober is our staff of expert Marketers. Our marketing team can help you craft your key marketing elements for your website.

Quality Assurance Testing

Before releasing your new website on the internet, Techno Goober conducts quality assurance testing. We utilize 700+ mobile and desktop browsers to ensure that you are branded accurately and appropriately online. We are no stranger to mobile website development in Delaware, and we will ensure that your site is completely usable on even the smallest (and largest) screen.

If you are interested in developing your new website to be mobile, contact us today. Learn more about website development with Techno Goober. Also, learn how to protect your phone from viruses, malware, and phishing attempts

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After we design you a beautiful and functional website, we will work with you to develop professional custom content.