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Michele Glanden


Who is Michele Glanden?

Michele is the Office Manager here at Techno Goober. Michele began working for Techno Goober because she was looking for a full-time job that had a fun work culture— which is exactly what she found when she joined Techno Goober’s team of Oddballs. 

What is her favorite memory at Techno Goober?

Her favorite memory at Techno Goober is the end of summer boat days. Having the chance to kick back and relax out on the water, and enjoy each other’s company while reminiscing on work stories. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, what is she?

Michele rates herself a 9, because there’s always room to get better! 

What annoying trend does she secretly hope makes a comeback?

If Michele had her way, the 80’s would be back full-swing so she can rock her (now not-so-secret) scrunchie obsession. 

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Give us a call, we don’t bite! 302.645.7177