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Steven Gebbia

Who is Steven Gebbia? We wish we didn’t know. Perhaps all the employees of Techno Goober could share a room in the nearest mental hospital? If we tell them it is a team-building event, they might go willingly. 

Steve is the brother of Techno Goober employee Katelyn Gebbia. He’s also one of the incredible talented IT Technicians. Steven prefers to describe his job as “fixing what you didn’t know was broken in a way you will never understand.” Learn more about how Steve fixes Personal Devices and his other IT Services. Steven is also the official Tecno Goober photographer.

On a scale of 1-10, Steve describes himself as a 3-week old box of Taco Bell. His favorite memory from working at Techno Goober was that one time with the thing in that place. He has a way with words.

Keep up with Steve and the other Goobers on the Techno Goober Blog.

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Give us a call, we don’t bite! 302.645.7177