[Non-Profit Web Design]

Techno Goober is committed to supporting local non-profit organizations. In fact, Techno Goboer’s founder, the Uber Goober Frank Payton, sits on a number of non-profit boards. He uniquely understands how non-profits and their budget process work.

Service Over Profit

We know how some non-profits struggle with exposure and donations because a small budget prevents them from developing a strong web presence. This inspired our commitment to non-profit organizations in our community and our motto “Service Over Profit.”

Techno Goober believes that the services you provide to the community should not be hindered by paying for an expensive website.

That’s why we have streamlined our process to enable us to provide you with a custom website no matter what budget you are working with. We have dedicated a portion of our annual budget to serving Non-profit organizations to ensure that you can continue helping the community. 

See what we can do for YOU

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Responsive Design & Mobile Friendly Websites

Techno Goober will make sure that your website is fully responsive and accessible on mobile. More web-users are on mobile than desktop, so it is more important than ever to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly.

We perform a complex Quality Assurance check before finishing your project to ensure that everything looks and works exactly as it should on every device. With Techno Goober, you will never have to worry about mobile functionality.

[Accept Online Donations]

Online donations can be a major life-line for non-profit organizations. Donations allow your organization to increase the impact on the community you serve and are vital to meeting your goals.

With Techno Goober, the ability to accept online donations is a standard feature with all of our non-profit projects.

We will integrate your new website with an easy-to-use secure payment processing platform. Our marketing team will provide you with custom Call to Actions to encourage users on the site to donate. 

[eCommerce & Online Sales]

Besides online donations, there are a number of other ways that non-profits supplement their budgets. Thanks to our frequent interaction with non-profits we understand your needs. That’s why we offer custom e-commerce options.

Selling your products, such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, stickers, etc. can help your organization earn extra money, and spread awareness about your brand. Techno Goober can provide your non-profit with a custom online shop to sell any and all of your products.

We will ensure that the online store is easy-to-update, so you never have to worry. Plus, if you ever need help, Techno Goober is just a phone call or email away. 

[Events Solutions & Calendars]

Events and fundraisers are vital to the survival of a non-profit. Allow your community to stay up-to-date on your upcoming fundraisers and events. Techno Goober will set up a custom calendar on your website. This easy-to-update calendar will make your life easier with all of the information your user needs and even an RSVP option right on the website. 

[Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations]

Non-profit marketing can be difficult to navigate. For many non-profit organizations, it is vital for you to stay connected to your community.

Luckily, with Techno Goober, you get full access to our professional non-profit marketing team.

Our team can help you advertise your organization, services, and events. Receive custom flyers to advertise your organization and get custom banners designed for your next event with Techno Goober’s marketing services for non-profit organizations.

We can even provide custom social media marketing to spread the word about the amazing work your organization is doing. Non-profit websites by Techno Goober are always integrated with your social media. Keep your social media followers updated on your events, and connect with new clients.

Get a Goober

Techno Goober cares about our local non-profits and the services they provide to the community we live in. That is why we are among the industry’s leading non-profit web designers in Delaware and Maryland.

Contact Techno Goober or call 302-645-7177 today to discuss how our exclusive non-profit discount could help your organization to develop a bigger and better footprint online. Learn more about the organizations we support with our Goobers Give Back commitment.