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When you start your journey to becoming a new business or organization, there are a number of things you have to do. Pick a name, find a space, register, and create a professional logo.

Get Professional Logo Design

Every business needs a good name.
The name should be descriptive of the services you offer and representative of the culture you would like to be. For example, a clothing store should pick a name that lets visitors know that you sell clothes, but it should also let them know what kind of clothes. If you sell children's clothes, avoid using words that describe adults or adult clothing or activities. 

Every new business needs a logo.
Without one, it will be hard to distinguish your business or organization from every other business or organization.

The logo is the face of your business. It should be the most recognizable part of your business.

We focus on creating logos that are:

Easy to recognize



Steps to a Custom Logo Design

We follow a simple (but sometimes lengthy) process to develop a custom logo for companies we work with. 

[01 Artwork Meeting]

When you approach us about designing a new logo, the first thing we will do is schedule an artwork meeting. In this meeting, we will discuss:

  • colors
  • shapes
  • images
  • other designs you like
  • other designs you don't like

Like our website design process, the better idea you have about what you are looking for then the better job we do and the happier you will be. 

During the artwork meeting, we will do our best to get to know you, your business, and your products or services.

Knowing what you are like will help us create a logo that meshes with your personality and style. 

[02 First Draft]

After the initial artwork meeting, our designer will get to work. They will take all of the ideas you have given them and create the first draft of sketches.

You will receive a copy of this draft (or multiple versions) via email to review.

If you have multiple logo versions presented, it is ideal to pick which concept you prefer. 

Remember, this first draft of your logo design will not be perfect and serves as a guide for moving into digital production. You will need to respond with feedback.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I like this concept (or do I like one concept more than the others)?
  • Does this logo represent me?
  • Does this logo represent my business?
  • Will this logo give me and my brand room to grow?
  • How does this logo stack up to the ones viewed during the initial meeting?

Let your designer know what you are thinking or feeling. You won't hurt their feelings. They want to create the perfect logo for you. Your feedback is important. 

[03 Revisions]

After receiving your feedback on the first draft, the designer will get back to work. If the feedback is extensive or unclear, they may schedule another artwork meeting or phone call to discuss your needs and vision.

It is important to communicate as much as you can to the designer in order to help the design process move along smoothly. 

After revisions are complete, the designer will send you another version of the logo that is much more refined than the previous.

You are more than welcome to respond with additional feedback. At this stage, you should be expecting something that falls in line with your previous discussions.

[04 Implementation]

After your logo design is complete, we will provide you with all of the necessary design materials to use your beautiful new logo.

This will include all of our design files, PDF copies, and PNG or JPEG files. 

We can help with implementing your logo on your new website and other print or digital materials such as:

  • business cards
  • menus
  • social media
  • web design
  • and more.

Get a Logo Design Goober

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We are looking forward to helping with all of your brand management needs. Let us know if we can help with your advertising, social media, and web design needs!

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