The Only Thing We Take Seriously is our Work

We never stop learning new things, and our Goobers love a challenge.

What sets us apart from our competition?

Never hesitate about asking us for something new. We look forward to it.

[01 First Impressions Matter]

Your website is often your first impression with potential new customers. We make sure that your first impression is the right impression because as you grow, we grow. Techno Goober will get to know your business more than any other competitor. Anyone can build a website, we build a website that will work for you. From our initial conversation, our goal is to foster a relationship with you. With continued interaction, we get to know you and your business better, which shows in your final product.

[02 We Love a Challenge]

Our culture thrives on challenges. Web development is not a hobby for us; it is our profession, and we strive to stay on the cutting edge of development. When it comes to your website, we have the talent to make sure your first impression is the right one.

[03 We Are Unique]

Lastly, each site we build is as unique as you are. With your new site, you will receive personalized training and a manual that is geared to what you need.

Need More Reasons to Choose Techno Goober?

We are a web development & technology company providing custom solutions and fostering relationships locally, regionally and nationally. As a premier web development company in Delaware, our staff specializes in all the aspects that will make you successful online.


We care about our work


We have years of experience & education

Hard Working

No “Monday thru Friday 9-5” here


Our employees have deep roots


We value work ethics & customer service


We have a diverse portfolio


We are the Goobers after all


Our work is consistent

[Our Philosophy]

Techno Goober has defined itself as a culture of problem solvers.

Appropriately named after a fictional character, Goober Pyle, from the Andy Griffith Show, Techno Goober takes care of its customers like Goober took care of the citizens of Mayberry. The company’s goal is to employ those with a passion for becoming more than what they are and for providing a level of customer service that is unmatched in the industry.

While we specialize in computer repair services and website design in Delaware, if you are looking for a service that we don’t currently offer, our Goobers are always looking for a challenge. Ask us, and we’ll find someone who wants to learn something new!

[Our Location]

We are located directly across from the Nassau Vineyard in Lewes, Delaware on the 2nd floor of Atlantic Millwork. Along the sidewalk, there is a “Reedwood” sign with Techno Goober listed on it. Walk through that door and go up the stairs. We are the first hallway/door on the right. The Goobers are waiting to meet you Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Please, give us a call before dropping by (302) 645-7177.

Our office may be located in the first town, in the first state, but our location doesn’t limit us from providing services to any company looking for the right Goober for the job. We specialize in providing tech services and website design in Delaware, but we often work with clients out of state. Give us a call!