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Techno Goober strives to provide the most up-to-date information for editing and maintaining your new website through our Knowledge Base. We firmly believe that as the business owner, it is your right to access and change your website content as much or as little as you want.

Use our Knowledge Base as your all-access pass to the information you need to edit and maintain your Techno Goober website. As always, if you have any other questions, feel free to call us at (302) 645-7177 or email us for help.

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Why a Knowledge Base?

Techno Goober used to provide a PDF manual for every client when we completed their project. The manual acted as a quick reminder for users how to perform simple actions on their website in order to keep it up to date and fresh.

The PDF manuals worked great, and our clients appreciated the ability to reference the manuals when they needed to update their websites. However, we have decided to move away from exclusively a PDF manual in favor of a digital Knowledge Base.

Why the move?

Well, we loved our manuals. We are among an elite few that provide their clients with manuals and the ability to update their websites at all. Most other web development companies required their clients to contact them and pay a fee to update simple content or banner images on their websites. 

To provide better service and a better long-term relationship with our clients, we developed the PDF manuals. These manuals provided instructions for updating your website.

The one flaw? There wasn't a way to update the manuals. It seemed like such a simple plan. We finish a website, we send the manual. In the future, when the client needed to update things, they refer to the manual. 

After a few years in business, the web changed a lot. Our early clients were trying to refer back to a manual that could be outdated and inaccurate. We needed a way to keep our manuals updated with new web changes without having to email hundreds of clients every few months with new manuals. 

Solution: Go Digital with a Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base was the brainchild of a rainy week and a recent WordPress update. As we were updating the manual to send to a new client whose website recently launched, we discussed how to communicate with our old clients about the changes. The solution? A digital Knowledge Base.

Our Knowledge Base contains everything that our PDF manuals did, but with more detailed descriptions including step-by-step instructions. The descriptions have unique images for users to follow along. Every instruction has its own page with easy outlined steps and handy links to navigate. All of this makes our Knowledge Base easy to use for even the least Tech Savvy user. 

The best part? We can easily update our instruction articles as updates occur on WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and even WooCommerce without bothering our clients. Plus, you can rest assured that this resource will always be up to date. 

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