Custom Programming

[Custom Programming]

For the most part, web development has progressed to a point where there is a plugin for nearly anything you need. Plugins provide the functionality that you want for your website without the need for extensive programming. There is always an exception or variable that requires custom programming to make your website function exactly the way you imagine.

Custom Programming Technical Speak

Below you will find a series of fancy words that make our programmers feel smart and special. The bottom line is, we can help you make your website do exactly what you see in your head. Begin transmission…

Being proficient in WordPress, Joomla & Magento requires our Techno Goobers to be skilled in PHP, JavaScript, JQuery & CSS in order to meet your project’s objectives. Full stop.

Every custom programming initiative starts with a clear understanding of requirements and customer expectations.

After establishing your requirements and expectations, we will begin blueprinting. Blueprinting allows Techno Goober to graphically demonstrate the process page by page.

Once the customer signs off, Techno Goober starts the tedious process of programming the process demonstrated in the blueprint.

In English:

We start off by figuring out exactly what it is that you want and establish expectations for the project. Then we do the thing. That’s all.

We make it happen, or we discuss how we can revise our plan to do something similar.

Testing Customer Programming Process

After completing custom programming, creating an online application, developing a new plugin, or modifying an existing piece of code, we conduct an internal review of the final product.

Testing is the most overlooked and underrated threat to meeting customer expectations. Techno Goober takes testing seriously.

Only after successful internal testing is complete do we deliver the product to the satisfied client.

Programming not only has it benefits online, but it is useful in your business. We can help make your business run smoother with custom programming.

Time is money

Why not invest in streamlined solutions to help your business get back on track? We will help streamline your business to allow you to get back to what is truly important, your business.

If you need help making your idea a reality, or if you are interested in developing a website, contact us today to get your consultation for custom programming in Delaware.

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