[Goobers Give Back]

Techno Goober is proud to be a Socially Responsible Company in the community it serves.

By choosing us for all of your online marketing and technology needs, you help contribute to our mission to support local non-profit groups.

Our greatest asset is the services we offer to help these non-profit entities in the community to obtain more exposure and to be more interactive with their donors and those that they support in their endeavors.

Being involved in the success of others is our greatest reward.

Non-Profit Groups that we Support

Techno Goober offers non-profit website design services such as:

  • Free advice and consultation for non-profits that we work with.
  • Reduced hourly rates on tech services, computer repair, and website development
  • Gratis Work in exchange for exposure to your membership & partners.
  • Involvement in events that align with our company’s culture, when time permits.

We are a busy group of Goobers!

If you are a non-profit that needs the Goobers, contact us. We will see what we can do for you within your budget.

Andy & Opie Fishing Tournament | https://www.getkidshooked.com/

Techno Goober was named after a fictional character from a popular iconic television show called “The Andy Griffith Show.” Goober Pyle was the town’s mechanic that operated the local gas station. Mayberry was simpler times, and that is the basis behind Techno Goober’s annual Andy & Opie Fishing Tournament: parents fishing with their children.

Each year, we want to remind people to take a day out of the hustle and bustle of their day to day activities and take their kid(s) fishing. Techno Goober feels that Andy & Opie got it right, with a fishing rod in their hands; life was grander on those banks of their local fishing hole.

Through the generosity of the community, we acquire funds for the sole purpose of purchasing fishing rods, tackle boxes and supplies through Dan’s Bait & Tackle at near his cost. In doing so, the community is able to provide each and every child attending the event a new fishing rod along with prizes.

Techno Goober not only contributes funding, but we also solicit funds from like-minded businesses. In addition to the funding, we market the event and gather volunteers to make sure the kids have a great time.

The enjoyment seen in the eyes of the children and adults is the only thing we need to see to be reminded how important this annual event is to our community. The support of our community and local businesses allows us to continue to bring events like the Andy & Opie Fishing Tournament to you annually.

Milton Saint Patrick’s Day Parade | https://www.miltonstpatricksdayparade.com/

This committee-driven group of like-minded individuals meets yearly in an effort to make sure that the annual Milton Saint Patrick’s Day parade attracts local businesses and donors to help raise money for deserving Milton non-profit groups.

They came to Techno Goober requiring an online presence to help attract community awareness and funding for the event. The Goobers exchanged their services knowing that the parade donates all of its remaining money back to the community every year. As main sponsors of the event, Techno Goober takes pride in participating in the parade and being part of the festivities throughout the day.

Rehoboth Film Society | https://www.rehobothfilm.com/

The Rehoboth Beach Film Society was formed in 1997 by five film enthusiasts, and in 1998, they started an annual film festival that has grown in popularity along coastal Delaware. In addition to their annual event, they have evolved into yearly independent film attractions. They also engage in outreach with the community.

With grants in hand, Techno Goober was tasked with reviewing their existing manual process in which they sold tickets out of their headquarters in Rehoboth, DE. The process involved a multitude of membership levels and durations in which film tickets could be purchased based on someone’s type of membership.

With our commitment to the community, we were able to make the most of their small budget by reducing our hourly rate to meet their requirements. Techno Goober was able to provide a fully customized ticketing system that practically eliminated their manual process for selling tickets.

Non-Profit Groups that we Support

Techno Goober is a proud supporter and partner with the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association. Established in 1986, this group of volunteers has been gathering once a year to see who can chunk a pumpkin the furthest. It has grown into one of the largest events in Delaware during the tourist off-season drawing spectators from all around the world.

All funds raised from the event goes to hosting the event, and the remaining funds are donated back to the community. Since 2000, the group has provided over 1 MILLION DOLLARS to various non-profit groups and scholarships for deserving kids.

The Uber Goober and his family have been participating in the event since 1993. The group required a world-class website that would portray their mission and promote their event worldwide. The Goobers assisted in providing a marketing strategy for their social media assets that had grown to have over 9 Million impressions worldwide in 2016.

As a 100% volunteer-based group, the Goobers knew that every dollar spent was a dollar that wasn’t donated, so we provided our hosting & technology services at no charge in exchange for equivalent sponsorship for their event. Believing that this legacy should continue for future generations of children that could benefit from witnessing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in real life, we are committed to their cause.

Clothing our Kids | https://www.clothingourkids.org/

Clothing our Kids is a Sussex County non-profit established for the sole purpose to provide needed clothing for at-risk kids in school. Once a child has been identified by school officials as needing clothes, the Clothing our Kids non-profit is contacted, and they utilize their funding from the community and relationships with clothing manufacturers to provide the child what they need to be like other kids in the education system.

The client came to Techno Goober knowing if they could get a quality site online, their legitimacy as a non-profit would increase so that they could attract more donors and increase the public’s awareness of the need in their community.

Worried that they couldn’t afford our services, they presented their philanthropic cause and immediately tugged at our heartstrings. Knowing that anything they spent with us, would essentially be taking clothes away from a child, the Goobers decided to perform all work free of charge.

We feel that every child needs a chance to thrive, and we feel by not having to worry about clothing, we are helping give them a chance. During 2016, the group has provided close to 13,000 pieces of clothing to 2,200 children. We couldn’t be happier with our involvement with this group and look forward to continuing to help them going forward.