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[Review Generator]

What makes you stand out from your competition? Rise to the TOP with positive online reviews! Let Techno Goober set up a Custom Review Generator page directly on your website.

We can help you generate more reviews!

Having our Custom Review Generator page setup directly on your website provides your online audience a quick
& easy way to review your business.

Smile Face
are encouraged to leave their feedback directly on your Facebook & Google page.
*Techno Goober does not guarantee positive reviews

Frown Face
are asked to fill out a form that emails YOU their feedback.
*This allows you to discuss any issues BEFORE they post a review.

Why does my business need reviews?

  • Reviews impact customer trust
  • The more trust customers have, the more sales you make
  • 70% of people rely on reviews before making a purchase
  • 83% of people look online for reviews before they eat
  • Good reviews positively affect SEO
  • Google trusts reviews from people with Facebook accounts

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