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Delaware is an ideal location for starting a business. Low taxes and plenty of seasonal and year-round consumers makes this a great market for small businesses. However, there are several factors that make this a tough market for local small businesses especially in Lewes, DE. 

Our close proximity to large metropolitan areas means the competition can be harsh. Large businesses have bigger budgets and wider reach. Likewise, large chains in the area can be hard to compete against. These larger companies often steal customers from local Delaware small businesses.  One way to fight back against large businesses is through online search engine optimization.

Techno Goober + SEO + You = SUCCESS

We are the ONLY local SEO company that also offers professional marketing services, content writing, web design, and computer repair services.

Get the whole enchilada when you get Search Engine Optimization services in Delaware with Techno Goober.

What's Your Goal?

In business, you have to consider the Return on Investment (ROI) with everything you do. Doing nothing and expecting a huge return never works.

Let Techno Goober do the heavy lifting for your website with expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Keep you ranking high on Google with our expert SEO services in Lewes, DE. 

Before starting any project, we always ask the following questions: What is your goal? How can we quantify it?

Based on best practices in the marketplace, we can provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for your brand new or existing site that will turn Clicks into Customers.

Once we determine your goals, we provide each client with a metric for how we are going to track our success.

Techno Goober is prepared to help small businesses compete in the competitive Delaware market with tailored Local SEO services.

Back to the Basics of Search Engine Optimization

The simplest solution is always the best solution. A thorough review of your website will be conducted to make sure that your website aligns with your goals. If it doesn’t, that is where we start.

Are you taking advantage of your free local business listings on popular search engine sites? If not, you are losing leads. Techno Goober will fix that.

By capitalizing on our small area, SEO in Delaware goes a long way.

Do other websites link back to you, indicating you are the foremost expert in your industry or that you are part of a particular demographic area?

If not, we will help you with a link back strategy that will show the major search engines that you are an expert in what you do and come highly recommended.

A Little More Evolved SEO

(Yes, it is a little more involved as well.) After we make sure that everything is in working order and your online assets meet your goals, we start working on the next level.

Adding Keywords

Development of areas on your site to elaborate and expand on the targeted keywords. This could include a product gallery or simply a blog section containing content.

Everyone knows content is always KING when it comes to SEO best practices.


Citations are a reference to your business online but not necessarily a link back to your company.

We utilize industry-specific tools to determine the best directories to work on getting a quality citation for your business online that will help meet the goals of your project.

Tracking SEO Results

Once your site is online, you’re going to be directing potential clients to it, and that’s a great thing. But the true power of your site lies in its ability to capture prospective customers without you having to do a thing. For that to happen, you need it to show up in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

There is a lot to do when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, but in the end, we need to show results. Here is how:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track the traffic to your website. It's a free service, and Techno Goober installs the necessary code on every website that we build.

We will even train you to use the Analytics feature, so you can keep an eye on what kind of buzz your site is generating.

We go one step further and provide conversion analytics, so we can see how well your investment is working.

You can rest assured, our Delaware SEO professionals know what they're doing. 

Track Your Keyword Rankings

We use a number of programs to track the search engine rankings of our SEO clients.

We can provide you with complex reports that show you where your site is on Google, Yahoo or Bing at any given time.

Other Tracking Methods

Engaging your prospects or customers is the best way to get a feel for where to find the best ROI.

The key is to make sure you track it. Results for your online marketing may not be seen on day 1. Don't be discouraged. Over time, SEO and online marketing should prove to be your best return on investment or ROI.

Local SEO

Online, the little guy does have a fighting chance. With a custom Techno Goober website, our Delaware SEO Professionals can work their magic to help your business consistently appear in top local search results in Google.

How does local SEO work?

Local SEO focuses on targeting small towns in Delaware with your specific keyword. This will capture local searchers, but it may miss some out-of-state searchers. Local SEO keywords work by capturing the location data of a searcher plus their original search with specific content targeting that location.

For example, Techno Goober targets the keyword Web Development in Lewes, DE. To show up in search results, Techno Goober creates specific content that uses the phrasing Web Development in Lewes, DE to drive search results to our website.

Being a small business ourselves, we understand the struggle of competing against larger or out-of-state businesses. With Techno Goober, we can help your small business flourish with Local SEO optimization.

Where to Start with SEO

We discuss how to add keywords to your website content and create citations with other online businesses. We also discuss our method for tracking your SEO results. This is especially important with regard to Local SEO since you'll have more keywords to track. 

We're more than happy to discuss how we can help you capture more online clients with Local SEO for your small business.

Get a Goober

We can help boost your website traffic and help your business grow with SEO in Lewes, DE. If you still have questions or if you're ready to get started, don't hesitate to give us a call at (302) 645-7177 today or contact us online. We can help with other digital marketing needs too!

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