WordPress over WIX is an Easy Decision

By Techno Goober / December 8, 2023

Growing up, I was instilled with a strong sense of community and the importance of supporting local businesses. This principle has deeply influenced my choices, especially when it comes to selecting services and products. For instance, I have never been inclined to use Wix.com for my website needs. The idea of sending my money to…

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Web Design, SEO and Social Media Trends for 2022

By Techno Goober / June 21, 2022

Online presence is crucial for business growth nowadays. Not only does it help people find you more easily, but it also lets you connect and engage with your existing customers. Your website and social media account will prove to be extremely useful when it comes to branding as well. While keeping track of all the…

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7 Tips to Build A Cabling Network For Your Business

By Techno Goober / April 14, 2022

Written by Milena Poghosyan on April 14, 2022. Posted in Tech Services It’s no secret that businesses need quality cabling networks in order to function properly and keep communication flowing. However, setting up a cabling network can be tricky, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process. This article will walk you through 7 tips for building a cabling network…

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9 Important SEO Tools That Help to Improve Website Ranking

By Techno Goober / April 13, 2022

9 Important SEO Tools That Help to Improve Website Ranking Have you been struggling to decide which of the top SEO tools to use to identify the most appropriate SEO techniques for your websites? We’ll answer this question by presenting you with a list of the 9 most crucial SEO tools that can significantly boost…

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Role of SQL in Web Development

By Techno Goober / March 30, 2022

Written by Daniel M. on March 30, 2022. Posted in Web Design Web development is an occupation that involves creating websites for the Internet or an intranet. It can include anything from creating single static pages of plain text to creating complex web applications. It also involves the creation of electronic businesses and social network services. As of today,…

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It’s The Personal Data That Can Kill You

By Techno Goober / February 17, 2022

Along with the many joys it brings—social media, online shopping, how-to YouTube videos—for 7% to 10% of people each year, the digital age has also created a special kind of misery: it’s called identity theft. While this particular level of purgatory isn’t inescapable by any means, you can get stuck there for a long time.…

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Hiring Sales People To Help You Reach Marketing Goals

By Techno Goober / February 15, 2022

Written by Dean Burgess on February 15, 2022. Posted in Marketing Successful businesses share fundamentals such as customer care, technology, and employee management strategies. In particular, salespeople are one of the most important employees who, if properly managed, can contribute to the success of a company. Therefore, many successful companies have several things in common, when it comes to dealing…

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7 Proven Ways Proxies Can Help You in Achieving Your Marketing Goals

By Techno Goober / February 11, 2022

Proxies are typically mentioned alongside VPNs where security is concerned. However, proxies offer more than security. Your marketing team could also benefit from them. The primary purpose of marketing is to improve brand awareness and increase legitimate leads for your business. However, online marketers may be unable to accomplish this because of ad blockers and…

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9 Vital Components For A Successful Social Media Strategy

By Techno Goober / February 4, 2022

No one knows better than you that social media can be a powerful tool for getting your product or event out there to the masses. But it’s not as simple as posting a few times—you need a great strategy, too. Read on for tips to make your story-building efforts successful, whether you’re engaging with fans…

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How Voice Search is Changing SEO Marketing

By Techno Goober / February 4, 2022

Voice search is becoming more and more popular. In fact, a recent study found that 67% of people aged between 25-29 use voice assistants every day. Moreover, 31% of the world’s mobile users use voice search at least once a week. These trends have caused many SEO marketers to question how they should change their marketing strategies…

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