The Hidden Easter Egg Story

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt, conceived by the innovative team at Goobers, has redefined the tradition of Easter egg hunting for the digital age. Drawing inspiration from the programmers' custom of embedding hidden features, or "Easter eggs," within software and websites, the Goobers transformed this concept into a captivating digital scavenger hunt. This event bridges the virtual and the traditional, inviting participants from across the globe to explore websites in search of these concealed treasures. It's not just a game; it's a unique marketing opportunity for businesses, offering a creative platform to showcase exclusive content and special offers through the thrill of discovery.

Since its inception, the Goobers' Annual Easter Egg Hunt has evolved into a much-anticipated event, growing in complexity and reward, and fostering a sense of community among internet users. It stands as a testament to the power of innovation, turning a simple programmers' joke into a global tradition that connects and delights participants each year. As the hunt continues to expand, it promises new levels of engagement and surprise, cementing its place as a beloved digital Easter tradition.


  • The contest starts on 3/29/2024 and will run until 3/31/2024. Any entries prior to 3/29/2024 and after 3/31/2024 will be excluded from the drawing. 
  • Kids can participate. Of course, we know who is better at all things technology-wise.  
  • Find an egg, click the egg, and fill out the form to enter to WIN!  
  • All prizes must be picked up within 2 weeks either at the Techno Goober Office or the participating company.