4 Ways to Stop Facebook from Killing Your Sales

Does your business, like many others, rely on Facebook to remain connected to your customers?

Do you use Facebook for its free marketing opportunities?

Does your Facebook page drive traffic to your website?

All of that and more could be changing for your business.

Facebook is always changing, but the most recent change will prevent businesses and brands from reaching their followers as much as before. The social media giant will now boost content from friends and family members before businesses, brands, and news outlets. Not only will this totally revolutionize your feed, but it may harm your business.

By training businesses to rely on it so heavily, Facebook may be inadvertently killing businesses.

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How do we fix this?

You aren’t alone. Techno Goober like many other businesses in our area relies on Facebook as a major piece of our sales strategy. Without it, we would be less likely to keep in contact with our previous, current, and prospective clients.

There isn’t really any way to “fix” the issues since Facebook has already begun blocking businesses and brands in newsfeeds. However, there are ways to adapt to the change.

4 Ways to Stop Facebook from Killing Your Sales

Spend Money on Facebook Ads and Boosts

Once upon a time, Facebook was free for businesses with equal competition opportunities. It was an open market. However, when the social media site realized that it could make money off of businesses to reach their followers, it began charging more and more for its services.

This new change is just another step in that direction. By limiting our organic (unpaid) access to our followers, Facebook is forcing our hand into spending more money on ads and boosted posts.

This creates more competition among unrelated businesses for limited advertising space, which in turn pads their profit margins.

You have the option to spend more money on advertising and boosting your posts. For relatively low prices per post, you can pay to reach your own followers. There’s nothing wrong with boosted posts or advertisements. However, be aware of the multiple limitations on Facebook advertising that could force you to change your posting habits too like limitations on image sizes, text, and audience targeting.

Jump Ship. Invest in Twitter

If spending outrageous amounts of money every year on ads doesn’t sound right for your business, you can choose to leave Facebook behind and jump ship. 

There are alternative social media outlets that don’t penalize businesses that you could flourish on. Choose to invest in Twitter’s relatively free and open newsfeed instead.

Twitter has advertising options, but it doesn’t rely on them like Facebook does. Most importantly, it doesn’t penalize business pages in the feed. 

Don’t worry, you will build a following on Twitter with time just like you built your Facebook following. Encourage your users to follow you on Twitter and start posting content regularly on the new platform.

The character limitations may be a drawback for some businesses, but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. Twitter’s open feed also has higher competition time-wise compared to Facebook. Your business may need to post more often to remain relevant on Twitter. You’ll learn what works best for your followers with time.

If you’re nervous about making the switch, consult with Techno Goober on your social media presence. Our social media experts can help you devise a solid strategy to keep your business relevant and making sales online.

Create Better Content

If jumping ship isn’t an option for your business, but you’re skeptical of spending money on ads, you have a few more options. You can create better content on Facebook in hopes of better organic reach. 

What does this mean? Well, the intent behind the Facebook algorithm update isn’t to punish businesses or brands, but to encourage users to build better relationships with each other and the pages they follow. 

When creating your Facebook posts, develop content that is engaging, enjoyable, and relevant to your followers. Avoid “click-bait” type posts and narrow-in on the types of posts that gain the most attention from your followers.

Do your followers love posts of your team hanging out after work? Post more! Do your followers love hearing about your new products? Post more updates! Give your followers what they enjoy seeing, and develop meaningful engagement with them to maintain your relevance on Facebook. 

For help developing quality content that your followers will love, or to help determine what types of posts you should be focusing on to increase engagement on Facebook, trust Techno Goober. Our social media experts can help keep your page active and engaged online, so you don’t fall victim to this algorithm change.

Invest in SEO

Your final option is to invest more money into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. If you use Facebook to drive traffic to your website, then the change in algorithm could leave your website feeling lonely and lacking in sales.

To keep your business running, you may need to invest more money into the website itself. SEO will encourage you to update the content on your website, use relevant keywords, and ensure the site is user-friendly and mobile-friendly.

These easy tasks could create a higher and longer lasting return on investment compared to social media anyway. Techno Goober offers expert SEO services for businesses ready to make the jump to invest their money in a longer-lasting solution.

Don’t Let Facebook Kill Your Sales

Don’t wait until you start losing sales. Your business needs to make a change to stay one step ahead of this big algorithm change on Facebook. Get help from Techno Goober to optimize your business before it’s too late.

Call 302-645-7177 for a free consultation with Techno Goober on your business needs including social media support, web development and more.

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