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The Goobers are a talented group of corky individuals, but we are good at what we do. Individually, each Goober is great, but when it comes to doing what we love, together we are unstoppable! You can trust the Techno Goober team to accomplish all of your web presence needs and help your business succeed.

Web development is the bread and butter of Techno Goober. We specialize in mobile web development that is custom designed to grow your business. Get help with everything from establishing your brand to redesigning your decades-old website. Trust Techno Goober for all of your web needs.

Web development services

Web development is not a hobby for us; it is our profession, and
we strive to stay on the cutting edge of development.

You may have been in business for decades, but if you don’t have a website with custom web design… do you really exist?

If your website doesn’t format for mobile web design or tablet devices, you are losing the attention of up to 75% of your traffic.

We are the ONLY local SEO company that also offers professional marketing services, content writing, web design, and computer repair services.

If you think your site could use a little love, some new content could make a world of difference.

There is always an exception or variable that requires custom programming to make your website function exactly the way you imagine.

You may know Techno Goober for our expert IT services and top-notch web design. What you may not know, is that we are also one of the best marketing agencies in Lewes, DE. The Goobers are ready to jump into your Marketing project with you!

Marketing services

The Goobers can assist you with developing web banners for your website advertising your sale or product.
They can also develop online advertisements or email newsletter graphics.

We can ensure that your ads make a lasting impression no matter where they appear.

Every new business needs a logo. Without one, it will be hard to distinguish your business or organization from every other business or organization.

Techno Goober’s marketing experts and designers work together to ensure you make a lasting impression with your social media ads.

Accurate listings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. help your business by informing customers about your hours, phone number, website, and address.

Having our Custom Review Generator page setup directly on your website provides your online audience a quick & easy way to review your business.

We can ensure that your ads make a lasting impression no matter where they appear.


We can ensure that your ads make a lasting impression no matter where they appear.

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When your technology is on the fritz, our Tech Goobers are here to help. They can repair and also proactively maintain all of your critical business infrastructure with our specialized computer repair in Delaware.

Tech Support services

We are the #1 resource for computer repair in Lewes, Delaware. 

We can help with your technology repair needs, and you don’t have to schedule an appointment or wait for us to travel to you. 

We understand that teaching a senior citizen to use their technology can be frustrating for everyone involved. Let us help.

Your data is the most valuable asset to your business or family, and it needs to be protected at all costs.

This covers everything from running wires, setting up your wired and wireless network, setting up your computers, and connecting your other devices.

Our Tech Support Team is always there to help you diagnose whatever is ailing your laptop or desktop, and fix it fast.

Have you broken the screen on your phone? Don’t panic. We can evaluate your phone and based on the parts and labor, we will either fix it or recommend an upgrade.

Starting a new business or have an existing one that needs a better phone system?

A security surveillance system can be your first and last line of defense in the case of a crime or accident at your home or business.

Our Goober Techs are professionals with experience with thousands of third-party software.

If you don’t have virus protection software on your device, you might as well walk around the wrong parts of the city with a sign that says “rob me.” 

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