How Social Media Management Works

Social Media Management is a vague term that could make some business owners hesitant about paying for the service. To dispel some of those hesitations and concerns, here is a guide for how social media management works with Techno Goober. It’s easy. We post to Facebook for you, so you can focus on your business. 

If you’re too busy to run your social media pages, you should consider hiring a social media management company to do it for you. Posting regularly on social media can increase your sales by generating more brand trust from your followers and prospective customers. In fact, 75% of shoppers reported that they make buying decisions based on social media. 

Don’t lose out on sales by neglecting your social media presence. Let the professionals groom and grow your social media presence while you focus on more important stuff. 

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How Social Media Management Works

How Facebook management works

Step 1: Shared Access to Facebook

When you sign the contract agreeing to social media management services with Techno Goober, the first thing we do is establish shared access. Shared access means that both Techno Goober and your team have equal access to post on the Facebook page.

You can still post! In fact, you can post as much or as little as you want on your Facebook page. If you need any help, or if you would like any custom images, we are available. Other than that, you can still post whatever you want.

Shared Access to Facebook enables us to post approved pictures and text. We can also manage other aspects of your Facebook page to save you time such as reviews, about content, profile image, and banner photos. Of course, all changes will need to be pre-approved by you.

Facebook Strategy

Step 2: Social Media Strategy Session

After establishing access to your Facebook account, we will sit down and discuss what your goals are for your Facebook page. Be prepared to answer questions such as the following:

  • How often do you want your Facebook page to post? (10 posts per month, 20 posts per month, more?)
  • What action do you want Facebook users to take when they see your post? (Like, comment, follow, call, message, etc.)
  • What tone do you envision your page having? Silly, professional, sarcastic, playful?
  • What do you envision your page posting mostly? Images, text, videos, links, etc.
  • What is your ideal customer or follower? (Knowing your ideal customer will help us develop the right tone and content for your page.)

At your strategy session, we will also discuss your preferred communication method.

If you have any requests for the coming month, now is the time to tell us! We will check-in at the beginning of every month about the following month’s specials. For example, some time at the beginning of July, we will email or call to ask about any events or specials scheduled for August.

Facebook Calendar

Step 3: Social Media Calendar

After your social media strategy session, our team will develop a social media calendar for 1 month. This calendar will include the text, images, and links for one month of posts. The calendar will also show the date and time it will post to Facebook.

You will receive the social media calendar in both a .jpg and .pdf file. Depending on the device you are viewing the calendar on, one file version may be easier to view than the other. Be sure to view both files to determine which version will work best for you.

When reviewing the social media calendar, be sure to read every post. Look for consistency with your company’s established protocols such as unique spellings, wording, or grammar. Overall, look for tone. Does the tone of the posts match the tone your company has adopted and that we discussed in the strategy session?

Lastly, check for the date and time of the posts. Would a post be more successful at another time of day or on another day of the week? Is there a special event coming up that a post would interfere with? Be sure to consider times or days that you might be posting something yourself.

Don’t be afraid to provide very specific (or very general) feedback. All feedback is very helpful, especially in the beginning. Your feedback will help to improve the quality of the posts you are receiving. Trust us. Your feedback won’t hurt our feelings. We need your feedback to ensure that we are meeting your expectations.

Facebook Management

Step 4: Approval

After you provide feedback on the posts, you will approve the final posts. Simply call or email with a simple “Yes!” or “Go ahead!” will suffice as approval. Nothing too formal needed. We will ensure that all of your posts are scheduled and ready to go for the coming month.

Social Media Management

Step 5: All Month Long

After scheduling your posts, our job is not over. We will continue to monitor your page all month long. We will watch for comments, likes, shares, messages, and reviews. Anything that requires attention, we will contact you via your preferred communication method. If you receive a bad review, we will let you know right away with a possible course of action to respond to or handle the review.

If we receive a message or comment with a question that we can answer, we will answer it! Simple questions such as, “Where are you located?” or “What time do you close tonight?” are questions that we would answer. However, certain message or comments we will need to contact you about. For example, we will let you know about specific questions about services or inquiries about employment.

This is where Shared Access is very important. You will be able to respond to these comments, messages, or reviews yourself if you need to.

Facebook Analytics

Step 6: Analytics and Repeat

At the end of the month, we will gather data from the posts. We will compare that data month over month to ensure that your page is continuing to improve. If you would like, we can send you the analytics on your page at the end of every month.

The analytics will show the number of likes, shares, and comments you received on your posts. It will also show the number of likes you received on your page for that month and month over month.

Social Media Management

Get a Goober

If having someone manage your social media page sounds like a good plan to you, call Techno Goober. We are one of the most communicative social media management companies in Delaware.

Get started increasing your social media presence when you call Techno Goober at 302-645-7177.

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