5 Twitter Profiles to Visit When You’ve Had a Bad Day

Social Media is more than just a way to keep in contact with your Great Aunt Lil living in Florida. Social Media is an excellent opportunity for networking, advertising your business, saving memories, and, of course, laughing after you’ve had a bad day.

Scrolling through your newsfeed on Twitter is no guarantee that you’ll find something funny. In fact, after a bad day, scrolling through your feed could be a very bad idea. A symphony of political rants and advertisements for mattresses or meal-prep services could make your day even worse.

Avoid the sound. Go straight to the source of entertainment. If you’re having a bad day, visit these Twitter profiles. We guarantee you’ll laugh. Follow them for a steady source of entertainment in your newsfeed from now on.

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MoonPie @MoonPie

My personal favorite when it comes to a hearty laugh on Twitter is this century-old marshmallow dessert. With funny posts dating back to November 2009, you are sure to find something worth a belly-laugh from MoonPie.

MoonPie starts off strong with a hilarious pinned tweet. A pinned tweet remains the first tweet on your page and is a good place to put contact information or other important information on your Twitter profile.

MoonPie pinned tweet

This tweet sets the tone for the rest of the twitter feed. Their humor is clean and easy. Perfect for all audiences, just like their product.

MoonPie tweet

People love MoonPie. Even a tweet saying NOT to retweet it got thousands of engagements. 

MoonPie tweet

Keep scrolling. You could spend hours reading these hilarious tweets. Don’t forget to take a look at their photos. They create some… interesting images. Keep an eye out for their tweets at other major brands like this next one.

Wendy’s @Wendys

The most recent target of MoonPie’s games, Wendy’s is often named among the funniest brands. They frequently and ruthlessly engage with their followers.

Go ahead and spend some time scrolling through their Tweets. Take some notes on their customer engagement.

Wendy's tweet

As a brand, engaging with your audience is important on social media. We recommend creating a single voice for your brand that is used no matter who is behind the screen. This will give your followers a sense of consistency. Wendy’s has this down. Although, their voice is incredibly sassy.

To keep things interesting, Wendy’s also engages with other brands.

Wendy's Tweet

Denny’s @DennysDiner

Denny’s is a classic sarcastic Twitter. Their constant pancake-related jokes mix with their true love of eggs and coffee to create the perfect Twitter.

Denny’s is up to date on all of the popular memes and frequently creates their own branded versions to keep up with their target audience.

Denny's tweet

Determining your target audience isn’t hard. Start by examining your existing customers and social media followers. Then create a pretend customer. This pretend customer or “customer profile” should be a combination of the most common traits among your existing customers and followers. Include traits that would create the ideal customer.

Denny’s, for example, knows that the target audience they reach online is college students with low budgets but a wicked hangover. Their other audiences, families after church and elderly couples on weekday afternoons, are targeted through other advertisements besides social media.

Denny's tweet

MoonPie and Denny’s have a very similar sense of humor. We recommend following both for a good laugh at least twice a day.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary @MerriamWebster

This twitter page is slightly different from the previous sarcastic and playful accounts. Merriam-Webster posts a number of serious articles related to words, definitions, and current events. Some of these articles are hilarious but innocuous (look it up).

Merriam-Webster tweet

However, the fun with Merriam-Webster is their commitment to current events. Particularly, their playful remarks regarding the current President kept many Americans entertained this year.

Merriam-Webster tweet

If dictionary jokes are your thing, follow Merriam-Webster for a daily chuckle (and a fun fact for your next dinner party).

Techno Goober @technogoober

Last but not least, we like to think that we’re pretty funny sometimes. Follow Techno Goober on Twitter to keep up with our blog posts and random musings. We also post advice for keeping your small business active online. 

Techno Goober tweet

If social media is something you think your business could be doing a better job with, call 302-645-7177 for help. Techno Goober will help set up and manage your personal or business Twitter page. We provide skillful, serious, snarky, sassy, sarcastic, and simple social media support. (We spent way too much time on Merriam-Webster’s Twitter page.)

Techno Goober tweet

Contact us online for your free consultation for social media management from Techno Goober. We are especially interested in any Twitter account for a restaurant or marshmallow sandwich. We want to play with the big kids. 

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