How to Mix Up your Social Media Posts

Posting on social media is a great way to gain business for your company. It’s free advertising as you reach potentially hundreds or even thousands of customers and their friends. However, posting the same stuff over and over again will get boring for your followers. Mix it up!

Knowing Your Audience

If your audience is primarily current or past customers, then advertising for new customers on your social media may be a little like preaching to the choir.

Consider posting less for new customers and post more for your current and past customers instead. You may find that your posts will reach higher engagement, more shares, and more conversion. How?

When you post what your audience wants to see, they will interact with it more. When they share that post about how fun your company is, it may attract more new customers than a post about a sale or special for the very reason that more potential new customers are seeing it.

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How to mix up your Facebook Posts

Post Company Culture Photos

Did your office do something fun lately? Maybe you all went out for Happy Hour after work, or maybe you carved pumpkins for Halloween. Take photos! Post those photos!

Your followers will love seeing behind-the-scenes content that proves there really is a human behind the computer. It might not tell potential new customers exactly what your company is about, but it may entice some of them to click your profile to learn more about this fun-loving group.

#ThrowbackThursday post

Company culture information is also important when potential new employees are researching your company. Posts exclusively about your services won’t give them very much insight into working in your office. Seeing company culture photos and videos may help them gauge their interest in your business before applying.

Host Social Media Contests

A popular way to increase engagement with past and current customers is through social media contests. These contests are often fun yet easy to participate in. They allow users to remain active on your social media page without having to buy or sell your products.

A Gooberific Egg Hunt

Consider giving away gift cards to local restaurants, gas stations, Visa Gift Cards, or other fun activities. Some businesses may be able work with partners to provide larger contest prizes.

Read more about our recommendations for running social media contests including how to play by the rules, and how to increase participation.

Post and Respond to Questions

There are a hundred ways to interact with your followers on social media. One way is to post and respond to questions. Ask questions like:

  • What should our next contest be?
  • Where would you recommend we take an out-of-town client to lunch?
  • What’s your favorite product of ours?
  • What new flavor or product would you love to see us make?
  • Is there anything you’ve always wanted to ask? Now’s your chance!

Lunchtime Poll by GeekGirlCon

When posting your question, use an actual question mark. It may cause some of your followers to pause and consider the question before posting a response. Without the question mark, some followers may not realize it is a question and simply keep moving.

For your first few questions, you may need to enlist a few employees to post or respond with their personal accounts to break the ice.

Make sure your account is responding to these recommendations and responses. Don’t just leave them hanging. Tell them that’s a great idea, or thank them for participating.

Share Follower Content

Do your followers frequently post positive reviews of your company? Or perhaps they post selfies inside or outside your business? Have you seen your product in photos your followers post on your wall? Share that content!

Thank You to Cape Henlopen Educational Foundation

Sharing your followers’ content will show your appreciation and love for your followers and customers. It will also encourage new followers to post more content about your business, and some may begin post more in hopes of being shared again and again.

Shout Out to your Favorite Clients

Reminding your clients why you love them, and why they love you, is an important part of running a successful social media page. Besides sharing follower content, sometimes it’s a good idea to reach out first!

Pies from old World Breads

Post about your client’s successes such as launching a new website, using your product in an exciting way, or simply thank them for being a part of your company family.

Share Company News

Similar to posting company culture photos, share company news as well. Let your followers know when you hire new employees, when you clean your desk really well, or when anything exciting happens around the office. This includes:

  • Moving to a new office,
  • Opening a new location,
  • Releasing new product,
  • Fundraiser announcements,
  • Or even recent employee promotions.

Office Demo Day

OC Spring Trade Expo

Followers love to feel like they are a part of your journey. By allowing them a brief glimpse into your company, you keep them involved and excited about your company.

Need Help with Social Media?

Does your social media feel a little stale? If you don’t have very many followers or your followers never seem to like your posts, give social media management a try. Techno Goober will manage your social media for you every month to ensure that your followers are engaged with regularly.

You will still be able to post on your own account but without the pressure to post every day! Engage with your followers on the content you want to post, and leave the boring stuff to us! Call Techno Goober today for help managing your social media account or to learn more about our social media management services.

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