SEO Best Practices for Delaware

Search Engine Optimization is still a relatively unknown practice. Many of our clients have little to no understanding of how or why SEO would benefit them. These unknowns can make SEO seem intimidating. The fact is, though, SEO is vital for small businesses in Delaware. SEO helps you capture clients online through random Google searches, which in turn can convert online visitors into customers. Use SEO best practices to boost your rankings in Delaware.

4 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

There are many factors that contribute to SEO, and it is important to know what you are doing before embarking on this journey. Avoid common SEO mistakes, which could lower your search engine results drastically.

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SEO Best Practices

1. Avoid keyword stuffing

The number one thing that clients should avoid when first attempting SEO is keyword stuffing. This is the process of listing keywords or using way too many keywords on one page. When Google sees this practice, it flags the page (or even your whole website) as noncompliant. After receiving a “noncompliant” penalty from Google, you might never appear on the first page.

Always use your keywords as naturally as possible in your content to avoid keyword stuffing penalties. In a competitive small business market in Delaware, be extra careful of penalties like this one.

2. Always have enough content

Content is king. Without words on your page, how is Google supposed to know what your business and your products/services are about? Spend time (or money) developing content that targets your keywords.

Best practices for SEO recommends at least 350 words of unique content on every page to avoid “thin content” penalties. These penalties mean that Google simply doesn’t know what you are about, and you drop in rank. This is easily fixed by adding new, unique, content.

What does “unique content” mean?

Unique content is words and phrases that you didn’t use on any other page yet. This is important especially when talking about products. Use different phrasing even when you are describing a black versus a pink T-shirt. They’re both T-shirts, but if you want to show up in Google for both, then you’ll need to figure out how to talk about them differently.

3. Use different keywords on every page

Similar to using unique content, you should never repeat keywords. This gives the user new information on every page and avoids “duplicate content” penalties. The more complex the keyword, the easier it will be to avoid repeats.

For example, Techno Goober has 3 pages dedicated to SEO. They all target different keywords though. This page targets “SEO best practices in Delaware” and “SEO mistakes to avoid.” Our other page targets “SEO services in Delaware,” and the third page targets “5 Ways SEO Benefits Small Businesses.”

Page Cannibalism

The danger of trying to use the same keyword twice, or repeating content, is called “page cannibalism.” Page cannibalism is the process of two or more pages within your site fighting against each other for rank. When the two pages fight, they’ll ultimately lower the rankings for both pages.

This isn’t a Google penalty, but it will affect your rankings. To avoid page cannibalism, use unique keywords on every page, and choose to keep similar content all on one page rather than dividing it.

4. Link, link, link

The most important thing you can do when creating content on your site or blog is linking. Link to your other pages or posts, and link your page to other (credible) resources like citing your work in an essay.

Many of you reading this might be thinking, “Why would I direct users AWAY from my site?”

By linking to other credible resources that rank high in Google, you can piggy-back off of their fame. The same concept applies to linking internally on your site. Link back to pages that rank high to help your other pages piggy-back off of its fame.

Get a Goober

If your business doesn’t show up on the first page of Google, or if you want to beat out the competition, SEO might be for you. Remember, SEO is an art, not a science. It requires hard work and dedication over time to improve search results sometimes. Contact Techno Goober to learn more about our SEO services in Delaware. With SEO best practices in Delaware, Techno Goober can improve your search engine results. Call 302-645-7177 today.

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