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There’s Got to be a Better Way

Have you ever found yourself looking at your social media pages and thought “there’s got to be a better way?”

We have. That’s why we thought it would be incredibly helpful to show off a few tools that can help take your social media marketing game to a whole new level! Use these three tools to really up your social media marketing game!

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Probably the first place you look for images when deciding to create a post is Google image search. Not only is that going to provide you with images of questionable quality, but it may also cause potential legal issues since you don’t own the rights to use those images! Unsplash is a website dedicated to FREE commercial use photos. That means you can download large, professional, high-resolution photos without having to worry about a pesky cease and desist letter down the road!


  • FREE for commercial use
  • High-resolution photos, great for print or web ads
  • Professional quality imagery


The next question you probably have is “what do I do now that I’ve got a great looking image?” The answer is Fotor! Fotor is a simple web image editor that comes pre-loaded with tons of beautifully designed templates for everything from Facebook covers to Instagram Posts. It also features free images, fonts, and a very helpful tutorial to walk new users through the step-by-step process of creating a social media image post!


  • Beautiful templates for various social media sites/posts/covers
  • Easy to use & easy to learn (great tutorial!)
  • Preloaded fonts/shapes/images


So you’ve got your message and your image. Now, you’re ready to get your post out to your eager audience. You’ve only got one problem: multiple social media account to post it to. That’s where HootSuite comes in. HootSuite is a platform that offers a free account that will allow you to cross post, manage, and review analytics on up to three accounts!


  • Schedules posts
  • Allows you manage multiple social media accounts in one place
  • Free account will allow you to manage up to 3 social media accounts

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While these tools are great and can certainly help shore up any small business’ social media marketing, it’s not going to help you solve problems like branding, creating engaging content, or campaigns. To solve those problems, and so many more, give Techno Goober a call! 302-645-7177 or contact us online.

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