The Internet is like Dungeons and Dragons

The internet is a world of magic and unicorns. But, it can also be a dark and occasionally dangerous place.

You need to be careful. Any of those supposedly happy and helpful dragon egg sellers could secretly be highwaymen waiting to steal your passwords.

To avoid the dangers of the internet, you should follow some very important rules.

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The Internet is like Dungeons and Dragons

Keep your private information private

Anything and everything online is essentially public. Be careful where and when you share your most private information. Avoid putting too much information on your public social media profile. That information could be used to answer security questions and break into your account. Never post your exact address, exact birthday (including the year), phone number or other information like your mother’s middle name. Keep that private information private. It is also important for job seekers to be wary of what you post on social media

Change your passwords often

Obviously, passwords are your first line of defense online. A freshly changed password is like a freshly sharpened sword. It is strong and able to defend against attackers with ease. When you use the same password over and over again, your password sword becomes dull, and it is easily defeated in battle. Keep your sword strong. Change your password regularly.

Use a unique password for everything

When you do change your password, ensure that it is a unique and secure password. If you use the same password for everything, then every account is at danger when one is hacked into. Use different passwords and make sure they are all secure. Avoid using easy number combinations like your birthday or phone number, and avoid using letter combinations like your name or initials. A strong password should have uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols such as: ?!@#$.
A unique password doesn’t have to be hard to remember though. Try using a longer phrase with a combination of upper and lowercase letters, and replace some letters with numbers or symbols. For example, you might use “N3tfl1Xis4Lov3R5!” with your name or initials at the end as your Netflix password. The longer the password, the more secure it is.

Use a password keeper

To keep track of all of your new unique passwords, you should consider using a password keeper. These applications save your passwords in a secure program and automatically provide the password when you login to a website. Apps like LastPass require a single master password to login. Make this your most secure password ever. It will protect all of your accounts.

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