Update Business Information

Maintaining accurate business information is vital to achieving accurate listings across the web. Use your dashboard to update your business information. Remember to update your hours, add new images, and even change your Tagline to reflect current sales or seasons. If you need any help logging into your Dashboard or updating your business information, call Techno Goober for help at (302) 645-7177 or contact us online



How to Update Your Business Information

To begin, log into your Listings Dashboard.

Step 1: Your Business Information is located at the top of your Dashboard. You can change the business that you are editing with the Set Location drop-down. (If you only have 1 location or business, you don’t need to worry about this step.)

Set Location

Step 2: Click Edit Business

Edit Business

Step 3: Edit the Basic Info for your business. Here you can change the name of your business, the phone number, website URL, address, business categories, or set your business as a Franchise Location. 

Basic info

Step 4: Select the tab to edit Business Details. From here, you can set the name and email of your business owner, input a “Tagline” for your business, input the year your business started, add your business Logo and Cover photo, edit the business description, and edit the payment methods your business accepts. 

Business Details

Step 5: Select the tab to edit Additional Info. From this tab, you can change the hours your business open and add social media links. 

Additional Info

Step 6: Select the tab to edit Media. From this tab, you can add Youtube links about or by your business, and add up to 4 images of your business or services. You can also remove videos and images. 


Step 7: If you are finished editing, click Submit from any tab.