Using Review Generation

Having positive reviews can be vital to growing your business. You can ask current and past customers for reviews. Send custom review generation emails and text messages right from the dashboard. If you need any help logging into your Dashboard or managing your interactions, call Techno Goober for help at (302) 645-7177 or contact us online

Quick Access: 



View Review Generation Tab

To begin, log into your Listings Dashboard.

Step 1: Click Review Generation in your Navigation. 

review generation

Step 2: This first time you navigate to Review Generation, it will ask you about pre-screening review. ALWAYS click NO. Pre-screening is against Google’s terms of use and your account may be terminated if you pre-screen reviews.




Add Contacts

Step 1: Start by entering the name of your contact. 

first customer name

Step 2: Add the contact’s email OR phone number. You can add both, but you must add at least one form of contact. 

email or phone

Step 3: To add another contact, click Add another customer

add another customer

Step 4: Add the contact name and email OR phone number. 

second contact

Step 5: Repeat as long as necessary. To add customer contacts in bulk, you upload a CSV file of contact emails and/or phone numbers. Select Choose File to get started. 

choose file



Remove a Contact

Step 1: If you need to remove a contact from the list, simply click the X next their contact listing.

remove contact



Creating Review Request

Step 1: To create a review request email, click the Pencil Icon to edit the template. 

Edit template

Step 2: Input the From Email. This is the email address the email will say it is coming from. 

from email

Step 3: Input the Reply To email address. This is the email address that replies to the review request email will be delivered to. 

Reply to email

Step 4: You can adjust the contents of the email as well. Consider editing the Email Subject, Heading, or Content to be specific to your business or the services the customer received.

Email content

Step 5: Choose which review sites to request the customers leave reviews on. You can select a maximum of 2 connected sites. 

Review Sites

Step 6: You can send up to 50 SMS Review Requests as well. Edit the text message the customer will receive. 

SMS content

Step 7: You can only pick 1 review site for SMS requests. Choose which review link to include from the 2 sites you chose to send to email recipients. 

SMS review site

Step 8: To use this template for future review requests, click Save Templates

Save Templates



Sending & Receiving Review Requests

Step 1: After you have finished inputting customer contacts and designing your request emails/SMS text messages, click Send Out The Invites. 


Step 2: Review the results of your review requests in the Review Generation Tab. 

review results

Step 3: Send future Review Generation Requests by clicking Send Invites. You can edit the invite settings by clicking Settings

Send Invites

Step 4: After sending your Review Generation Requests, view and respond to new reviews on the Interactions page