Tech Support

We are the #1 resource for computer repair in Lewes, Delaware. 

[Tech Support]

When your technology is on the fritz, our Tech Goobers are here to help. They can repair and also proactively maintain all of your critical business infrastructure with our specialized computer repair in Delaware.

Technology has become essential to our everyday activities,

but all this new tech has also provided a new level of complexity in our workplace. Let Techno Goober help.

With years of experience and education in the field, we provide the expertise necessary to help you
and your business succeed.
No matter what you need, our Goober tech services team is ready for the challenge.

On-Site Tech Support

With our fancy Goober Cars, we offer on-site technical support and computer repair!
We will come to you for IT Services when:

Your printer isn’t working

You can’t receive or send faxes

Your internet won’t connect

You need help running wires for a new security surveillance system

You need fast computer repair on the spot

& more!

Meet our tech team, so you know exactly who to expect at your door.
Don’t worry, we’re dog and pet-friendly!

Remote Tech Support

We also offer Remote Support online or over the phone.
We can help with your technology repair needs, and you don’t have to schedule an appointment or wait for us to travel to you.

Have hesitations about Remote Support? Learn more about our Remote Support process and feel more comfortable the next time we recommend a remote support solution.

Tech Support services

We are the #1 resource for computer repair in Lewes, Delaware. 

We can help with your technology repair needs, and you don’t have to schedule an appointment or wait for us to travel to you. 

We understand that teaching a senior citizen to use their technology can be frustrating for everyone involved. Let us help.

Your data is the most valuable asset to your business or family, and it needs to be protected at all costs.

This covers everything from running wires, setting up your wired and wireless network, setting up your computers, and connecting your other devices.

Our Tech Support Team is always there to help you diagnose whatever is ailing your laptop or desktop, and fix it fast.

Have you broken the screen on your phone? Don’t panic. We can evaluate your phone and based on the parts and labor, we will either fix it or recommend an upgrade.

Starting a new business or have an existing one that needs a better phone system?

A security surveillance system can be your first and last line of defense in the case of a crime or accident at your home or business.

Our Goober Techs are professionals with experience with thousands of third-party software.

If you don’t have virus protection software on your device, you might as well walk around the wrong parts of the city with a sign that says “rob me.” 

Contact Us.

Don’t be afraid to contact our very helpful Tech Support Goobers if you need any help with your technology.
We specialize in computer repair in Lewes, DE. 

If you need help right away or have a question that just won’t wait, give us a call for remote support over the phone.
Call or contact us today at 302-645-7177 for expert IT services. Just ask for our Tech Department!