Who are the Goobers?

We are a talented team of problem-solvers, committed to providing expert Web development and IT support services to small and large businesses in Delaware & beyond. We are a ‘small but mighty’ group of 10 & offer a wide variety of services. We love, and take pride in, the work that we do & (most importantly) have a lot of fun doing it! The only thing we take seriously is our work. When you work with the Goobers, you get so much more than ‘just a website’. We can provide hands-on training, expert computer repair, marketing services, business advice and excellent customer service! Interested in joining our team? 

Meet our team of experts

Web Developer

Web Developer

SEO Specialist & Social Media Manager

DevOps Networking Engineer, Goober Guardian Cybersecurity

DevOps Cybersecurity Engineer, Goober Guardian Cybersecurity

Chief Technical Officer, Goober Support IT Services

Alex Horan

Help Desk Technician, Goober Support IT Services


Web Designer/UI Specialist


Social Media Connoisseur

Beto Employee Picture

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