Sam VanBennekom

Sam VanBennekom

Who is Sam VanBennekom?

Sam is a 12-time gaming champion with a side hustle as a pop star, but outside of his own head he’s a developer for Techno Goober.

Why did he become a Goober?

As a wide-eyed developer straight out of boot camp, Sam came across Techno Goober in the endless search that is looking for a job. After learning more about the company, Sam fell in love with their goofy nature and commitment to local businesses. He made it his mission to get an interview, next thing he knew he was working on websites, and getting paid for it!

What’s his favorite memory at Techno Goober?

As Sam was leaving his first interview with Frank, he backed a chair up into a wall, knocking one of Frank's framed artworks off and onto the floor. That’s what I call a great first impression.

What is one word he’d use to describe the Goobers?


Does he have any hidden talents?

He says he can do funny voices, accents, and impressions, but whenever we ask him to show us he clams up and begins to cry.

What annoying trend does Sam secretly hope makes a comeback?