Why Web Design Is Important

By Techno Goober / April 16, 2021

Good Web Design is a key component to having a successful business. Having an online presence is no longer optional, and your website is often the first place people interact with your brand. What do you want everyone’s first impression of your business to be like? As a small business owner, you want a website…

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Facebook Terms Explained

By Techno Goober / September 21, 2018

If you run a Facebook page for your business, club, or job, you know that Facebook provides Insights on your page. They can be found under the Insights tab at the top of the page or directly below a boosted posts. Insights are analytics on the post or page. They show you how successful your…

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How to Set Parental Restrictions on iPad and iPhone

By Techno Goober / August 3, 2018

When your children are using devices that can connect to the internet, you should be using Parental Restrictions to protect them. Apple makes it very easy to set Parental Controls on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. These restrictions allow you to control a number of things including purchasing, internet browsing, downloading apps, and viewing explicit…

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How Social Media Management Works

By Techno Goober / July 27, 2018

Social Media Management is a vague term that could make some business owners hesitant about paying for the service. To dispel some of those hesitations and concerns, here is a guide for how social media management works with Techno Goober. It’s easy. We post to Facebook for you, so you can focus on your business. …

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5 Ways SEO Benefits Small Businesses

By Techno Goober / July 20, 2018

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is one of the best investments that a small business can make in its online presence. Implementing a few small strategies early on can drastically improve your business and allow you to grow your sales exponentially later on. Don’t believe us? Here are 5 Reasons How SEO…

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Cybersecurity for Beginners

By Techno Goober / July 13, 2018

There is a common misconception that you have to be a tech expert to understand cybersecurity. That is simply not true. There is a lot that you can be doing to protect your personal computer and your entire business with little to no knowledge of cybersecurity. Everyone is a Target Cybersecurity threats affect everyone. You…

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How to Protect Your Device this Summer

By Techno Goober / July 6, 2018

Your cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices are designed to withstand certain weather conditions. Developers know that your device will spend a lot of time outside and needs to be durable. However, that doesn’t make them perfect. The wear-and-tear associated with summer conditions can seriously harm your device if you aren’t careful. Rather than…

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How to Craft the Perfect Facebook Post

By Techno Goober / June 29, 2018

Social Media, and especially Facebook, is such a large part of our world that we often don’t stop to think before posting something online. This can spell problems for both our personal and our professional accounts. On Facebook, you can post just about anything. Of course, some things are off limits based on the Terms…

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5 Ways To Help Your Designer Understand What You Want

By Techno Goober / June 22, 2018

After you’ve met with your designer to go over the basics, they will take a week or two to start designing a sample for you. The only information they have to work with is what you told them in the meeting or in your artwork questionnaire. Sometimes, that information might not have been enough. Sometimes,…

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10 Tips for Giving Helpful Feedback on Website Design

By Techno Goober / June 15, 2018

Providing feedback to your designer about your new website can be challenging. You may not know what lingo to use, or what you are feeling. Take your time, review the design several times. When you feel you’ve had adequate time to review the site and absorb everything that is happening, then it’s time to start…

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