WordPress over WIX is an Easy Decision

By Techno Goober / December 8, 2023

Growing up, I was instilled with a strong sense of community and the importance of supporting local businesses. This principle has deeply influenced my choices, especially when it comes to selecting services and products. For instance, I have never been inclined to use Wix.com for my website needs. The idea of sending my money to…

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Why Web Design Is Important

By Techno Goober / April 16, 2021

Good Web Design is a key component to having a successful business. Having an online presence is no longer optional, and your website is often the first place people interact with your brand. What do you want everyone’s first impression of your business to be like? As a small business owner, you want a website…

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5 Ways To Help Your Designer Understand What You Want

By Techno Goober / June 22, 2018

After you’ve met with your designer to go over the basics, they will take a week or two to start designing a sample for you. The only information they have to work with is what you told them in the meeting or in your artwork questionnaire. Sometimes, that information might not have been enough. Sometimes,…

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10 Tips for Giving Helpful Feedback on Website Design

By Techno Goober / June 15, 2018

Providing feedback to your designer about your new website can be challenging. You may not know what lingo to use, or what you are feeling. Take your time, review the design several times. When you feel you’ve had adequate time to review the site and absorb everything that is happening, then it’s time to start…

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How To Invest In The Best Domain Names

By Techno Goober / March 30, 2018

You just started a business and are looking to develop a website for your company. What do you do now? Pick a domain name. Your domain name is the word or phrase that users type into the search bar to visit your website. You might call it the URL (although this is slightly different). This…

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How We Stay Organized

By Techno Goober / December 22, 2017

At any given time, the web development team is juggling twenty or thirty projects at a time. Our tech team is often taking care of ten clients a day. In a busy business like Techno Goober, we find that sometimes it can be difficult to keep up to date on all of our projects. In order…

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I Hate Contact Forms and Our Clients are Better For It!

By Techno Goober / October 20, 2017

Frank Payton, the Uber Goober at Techno Goober, shares his thoughts on contact forms after over 10 years developing websites for one client at a time.  Websites Generate Sales Leads The core of Techno Goober lies in our ability to produce a quality website that produces leads. The most important reason to have a website…

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