How to Gain More Facebook & Instagram Followers this Summer

We are always talking about how beneficial Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms can be for your business. Seriously, check out these other posts about managing your social media accounts.

But, what about when you need help getting followers? Posting amazing posts regularly is great, but if no one is following you then no one is seeing your awesome posts. You need to gain those followers first.

[bctt tweet=”Posting amazing posts regularly is great, but if no one is following you then no one is seeing your awesome posts. #smm #socialmedia” username=”Techno_Goober”]

Followers Come and Go, Often

The goal with social media is to constantly be gaining followers. You want your count to be going up, never down. That may seem obvious, but it’s easier said than done. Take a look at Techno Goober’s Facebook Follower count:

total followers for Techno Goober

Over those two years, our count consistently increased. It appears to show that we gained about 200-300 followers over two years. However, the graph doesn’t show the full story though. Take a look at our net follower count below:

Net Followers for Techno Goober

This graph shows the net number of followers that we gained or lost over the past two years. It doesn’t account for the full 200-300 followers we gained, but it shows the net amount. Take a look at January 2017. The graph shows that we lost a net of 2 followers that month. We could have gained 50 followers, but we lost 52 followers. Therefore, the graph shows a net of -2 followers. 

Your follower count is constantly changing. You have to work to keep the followers you have and gain new ones. If you seem to be losing more followers than you are gaining, it’s time to kick it up a notch. However, HOW to gain followers is very vague.

Post Great Stuff, Get Great Followers

A lot of marketers believe that by posting great stuff, the followers will come to you. As your existing followers like, share, and interact with your post, their friends will see it and follow you for more.

What about when that’s not enough? You’ve been posting great stuff for months. Your followers like it, but rarely share it. They comment, but rarely tag others.

You could try running a Facebook contest to encourage your followers to interact more. You might get a brief surge in followers right about the contest, but when the contest is over, some of those followers might leave. They might not actually be interested in your services. The others might stick around, but slowly they’ll start leaving.


Gaining Followers Offline

When you need to grow your follower count, try taking your efforts offline. There are several tricks you can do to make your customers, prospective customers, and the general public more aware of your social media.

Add your social media handles and links to your business cards.

When you design your business cards or custom postcards, include your social media handles. When your customers check the price on your items, check their custom e-receipt, or look at your business card, you want them to see your social media links.

Ask them to follow you online.

To encourage your customers to connect on social media, ask them. Seriously, use your out loud words. Include it in your emails too, but using your words is pretty effective.

When your customers are checking out, let them know that they can leave a review about their experience on your Facebook. Encourage them to connect with you on Instagram to learn about upcoming sales or new products.

Get outside!

If your shop is in a place with high foot traffic, get outside and great customers on the sidewalk. Include cheap or free promotional items with a tag or card with your social media handles on them. Write a message on your social media page welcoming those new followers from the event.

Consider using chalk to write your social media handles on the ground for passers-by to see even if they don’t interact with you. If you have an artistic employee or friend, ask them to draw your logo or something eye-catching on the ground to grab more attention.

Get a Goober

If you’re having trouble gaining followers online, ask Techno Goober for help. We can help manage your social media accounts to ensure that your pages always have fresh content for new visitors to see. Contact us online or call us at 302-645-7177 to learn more about social media management with Techno Goober.

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