4 Ways to Stop Facebook from Killing Your Sales

By Techno Goober / April 6, 2018

Does your business, like many others, rely on Facebook to remain connected to your customers? Do you use Facebook for its free marketing opportunities? Does your Facebook page drive traffic to your website? All of that and more could be changing for your business. Facebook is always changing, but the most recent change will prevent…

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How To Invest In The Best Domain Names

By Techno Goober / March 30, 2018

You just started a business and are looking to develop a website for your company. What do you do now? Pick a domain name. Your domain name is the word or phrase that users type into the search bar to visit your website. You might call it the URL (although this is slightly different). This…

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4 Ways Cross-Posting is Harming Your Business

By Techno Goober / March 23, 2018

You created the perfect post. It’s catchy, the image is great, and the hashtags are perfect. Why should you limit yourself to only posting it on Facebook? You can very easily copy and paste it into Twitter, right? In fact, you should do that for every post to keep Twitter active. Right? WRONG. Social Media…

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Why Your Small Business Needs Social Media

By Techno Goober / March 16, 2018

Online presence—including your website, e-store, and social media—can grow your business exponentially. Work smarter not harder online. Why Social Media? Social media is ever-changing. From new social media platforms to new users, the social media world is rarely the same from one day to the next. Despite its ever-changing nature, you need social media. To…

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How to Handle Bad Reviews on Facebook & Google

By Techno Goober / March 9, 2018

Peer-to-Peer Trust Trust for most people is built and maintained via online interactions with their peers. For some people, this may seem inaccurate, but with the rise of “fake news,” big media is losing the trust of its users.  To compensate for this loss of trust in big media, users are turning to each other.…

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Why You Should be Wary of Public Wi-Fi

By Techno Goober / March 2, 2018

Traveling for business is required for many jobs. Working while traveling for pleasure is often a necessary evil for many small business owners as well. To protect you and your devices while you’re working on the go, you should understand the dangers of public Wi-Fi.  What is Public Wi-Fi? Public Wi-Fi is any wireless network…

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5 Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

By Techno Goober / February 23, 2018

Job seekers have to be very careful with how they portray themselves on social media. You may not believe it, but your social media can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for employers. Online presence, or lack thereof, can make or break your job application. Whether you believe it or not, employers check…

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Slow Internet Connection Driving You Crazy?

By Techno Goober / February 16, 2018

Today, the internet is considered a necessity. Nearly everything we do has ties to the World Wide Web. Downloading, streaming, and browsing are everyday activities. Whether you use the internet for work, pleasure, or something in-between, a slow internet connection can disrupt your entire day. Don’t let a slow connection drive you crazy. Learn how…

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5 Twitter Profiles to Visit When You’ve Had a Bad Day

By Techno Goober / February 9, 2018

Social Media is more than just a way to keep in contact with your Great Aunt Lil living in Florida. Social Media is an excellent opportunity for networking, advertising your business, saving memories, and, of course, laughing after you’ve had a bad day. Scrolling through your newsfeed on Twitter is no guarantee that you’ll find…

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How Our Lives Changed After Purchasing a Google Home

By Techno Goober / February 6, 2018

Techno Goober employs a brother-sister team. One tech and one amazing (and very humble) writer. Recently, a client approached Tech Steve (my brother) and asked about installing a Google Home. The client wanted to know: Is Google Home worth it? The product boasts voice-controlled services like music control, TV control, shopping lists, phone calls, texting,…

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