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There is no denying that Wilmington plays a large part in New Castle County’s economy. There are a large number of small businesses located in Wilmington that make it a competitive place for new small businesses. Learn how to make your business thrive with Techno Goober’s help. 

Web Design in Wilmington, DE

New Castle County

New Castle County is crowded with large and small businesses alike. The residents demand high-quality services to meet their needs. This creates a very competitive business market in New Castle County. Large and small businesses fight for attention in such a small area. Don’t put your small business at risk. Compete with large and small businesses in New Castle County. Partner with the experts to ensure that your online presence is rock-solid and working to build your business.

Fight off the competition in Wilmington with a custom new website

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What sets us apart from other web developers in Delaware?

When you are looking for a web designer or web development company, you should ask yourself the following questions. “What is the best or most highly rated web design company in Delaware?” “Where is a web designer that specializes in e-commerce and online shopping?” But, most importantly, “Who can build a website that will grow my business?”

We are the experts in Wilmington, DE. We know the business market, and we know the way people search and use the web. Our specialty is creating websites that look good, and function well. Our designer will ensure that your website is designed with the user in mind.

Your website will work hard so you don’t have to. Your most important selling points will be front and center on the homepage to drive more sales for your popular or most important products. Contact us today to discuss how a Techno Goober website could double your sales. 

We ensure that our websites are easy-to-use, mobile friendly, and custom. Your website won’t look like every other website out there, it will be specifically created to complement your existing brand. Learn more about web design from Techno Goober

Dont belive us?

Before and After Web Design in Delaware

Web development in Wilmington, DE

Web development is the bread and butter of Techno Goober. We specialize in mobile web development that is custom designed to grow your business. Get help with everything from establishing your brand to redesigning your decades-old website. Trust Techno Goober for all of your web needs.

Call us today for your free consultation and quote on a new website for your business or brand. We specialize in custom websites designed to increase your sales or build your personal brand.

We specialize in taking old or out-dated websites and turning them into works of art. Don't believe us? Take a look at one of our incredible before and after photos above.

We took a website that was practically unusable on a mobile device and turned it into a mobile-friendly masterpiece. Featuring a large banner and clear calls to action, this website works hard to grow sales day and night. 

Learn more about web development with Techno Goober. If you need help building your online presence, call Techno Goober at 302-645-7177 or contact us online today. 

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SEO in Delaware

Search Engine Optimization in Wilmington, DE

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the great equalizer. With SEO, small businesses can fight back against large businesses. Even companies with small budgets can implement simple SEO strategies to boost their Google rankings and capture new leads online. 

After creating your website, the next step is implementing SEO, which works by writing specific content to target your industry keywords. If your website is optimized for search, then your business will appear higher in Google search results. 

We can help with SEO on websites we build and websites built by other companies. If you need help with SEO, give us a call! We have experience with large and small websites. 

At Techno Goober, we always start with an audit of your website to determine the aspects that need the most work. We look for broken links, missing code, improperly-sized images, missing content, and much more.

These are the basics of an optimized website. Think your site could use help with SEO? Contact Techno Goober for your free website audit. 

To learn more about how SEO could benefit your business in Delaware, ask Techno Goober for help. Our SEO experts can answer your questions and assist with getting started. We recommend our monthly contract to ensure that your website is always improving.  

The key to great rankings is expert SEO service and continuous monitoring. Let us help you capture more leads online with the best Local SEO service in Delaware. 

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Marketing Services in

Marketing Agency in Wilmington, DE

When you attend an event in Wilmington, there is nearly always a long list of sponsors and advertisements. They all look like they were created by the same person back in the 90s. Beach grass and realtors’ faces are getting old and boring.

At some point, your potential customers stop even seeing the ads anymore. They all blend together and your ads are practically useless. Stop wasting your money on ads that don't work! You need new ads that catch readers' attention! Stick in people's minds as opposed to your competitors. 

Revamp your marketing strategy with Techno Goober to stand out from the crowd. Learn what it takes to create a better marketing campaign with Techno Goober below.

First, our expert designer will spend time with you discussing your business, your needs, and your vision for the marketing campaign. The designer's goal is to ensure that this marketing campaign is consistent with your brand but different from everyone else.

After meeting with you, our designer will create a first draft. You can provide as much or as little feedback as you want no the first draft. After any revisions, we will handle printing or posting your marketing materials. We will also provide you with a copy for your own use and records.

If you need help with your print, digital, or social media marketing campaign, work with Techno Goober. Get a custom new look with Techno Goober.

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Social Media Management in

Social Media Management in Wilmington, DE

Managing your own social media is time-consuming. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may not be taking advantage of all the great opportunities to grow your business. Posting the same content day after day, or worse, not posting at all can harm your business's online reputation.

Why does your Small Business need social media? Whether you believe it or not, your customers are checking your social media before making purchases. In fact, as many as 74% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on social media. Without social media, you could be driving sales away. 

Techno Goober knows the ins and outs of social media. We can build your social media following in only a few months. Your business will benefit from keeping your page active. The first step to growing your business is to reach new customers every day. 

Trying to run your social media yourself while running a full-time business will not build your business. You have a business to run. So RUN IT! Leave the rest to the professionals. Call today for your free social media consultation.

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Computer Repair in Delaware

Computer Repair in Wilmington, DE

Your computer and phone are vital to maintaining your business and staying connected to family and friends. Without your computer or phone, your work may suffer. Don't lose out on sales this year with a broken computer or phone.

When your computer or phone stops working, you need tech support FAST. You can rely on Techno Goober to be there when you need us the most. Our techs will come to you to examine your system and determine the best solution.

If your device is irreparable or if the repairs cost more than your device is worth, our services up to that point are free. If you are interested in purchasing a replacement device, we can suggest a new device.

Don't worry about ordering the right new device, ask for our help! We can handle everything, so your new device will be ready to use by the time you hold it in your hand.

Call Techno Goober today to discuss your computer repair or phone repair needs in Delaware. Just ask for our Tech Department. We also provide monthly service contracts for anti-virus service, offsite and onsite back-ups, email hosting, and much more. Just ask how Techno Goober can help your business with regular IT Support. 

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Still not sure?

Still not sure that Techno Goober is right for you? Take a look at our portfolio of happy clients in Wilmington. Let us know if you have any questions! The Goobers are always here to answer your pressing questions. Don’t worry, we don’t bite. Contact us online or give us a call at 302-645-7177.